Imps Offer Wembley Refunds

Genuinely, I can’t sum up how much I feel this club values its supporters.

I had vowed after this morning’s Player of the Year article to give the site break for a day or so. There won’t be a lot of news coming out and I figured after the madness of the last month, a break might be good. Then I see this article on the club’s official site. As you may know, there was a tragic accident on the North Circular this weekend, and as a result, the traffic around Wembley became a nightmare, to such an extent that some supporters did not make the game.

Another club might turn its back. After all, plenty did make the game and another club might think ‘if you’d set off earlier’, or something similar. That wouldn’t even be the callous response, it would be standard in my eyes. If I’d missed the game because of traffic, I might be upset and angry, but not with the club. I’d be angry with myself for not leaving earlier, or upset at the general disruption and congestion. One thing I wouldn’t expect is a refund.

We made it, we were lucky – credit Graham Burrell

Well, that’s what you can get if you missed the game, as the club explain: “Following Sunday’s Sky Bet League One Play-off Final at Wembley, we are aware that many supporters with tickets didn’t make it to the game due to the road closures around Wembley Stadium. Therefore, at our discretion and cost, we will look to offer refunds to those who missed the game.”

I’m massively impressed with this. I remember a time when the club were described as money-grabbing and even exploitative by some, but this is a genuinely honest and human response to a difficult situation, is it not? They will check the Wembley ticketing system, of course, to prevent people from getting a refund who did make the game, but if you suffered even more heartbreak than actually witnessing the game, by hearing we’d lost and being down financially, then respite is on hand. Remember, this is at the club’s cost – Wembley are not footing the bill, Lincoln City Football Club are. Why? because they understand supporters are not just a financial fruit to be juiced every now and again, but rather real people who they do, genuinely care about.

They continue by saying: “To request a refund, please email We will then check this against the Wembley Stadium e-Ticketing system, which will provide information on individuals with unscanned tickets. As a reminder, the ticket office is currently closed, so please allow for this in your expected response times.” Bear in mind, the ticket office is closed for a week, so you might not get an immediate response, but what a club, right?

Now, where are Wembley offering me a refund because I had to wear my mask and couldn’t move seats, but Blackpool fans were allowed to?