Memorabilia Corner Pt 6 – More Badges

I’ve got more badges than I thought!

This is the third post with Imps badges, and there’s a few to go yet. I’ll get straight into it, but if you wish to you can find the other two posts here and here.

I got these in a box of bits I bought last year, and they’re tough to date. Given the style of Imp, I might be inclined to date it early seventies, and perhaps club issue, as they’re both consistent and different. there’s rather a regal theme on the final one too, the same centre as the others on a crown. If anyone has further information, I’d be interested to hear it!

Again, my gut feeling is club issue here, or produced for sale outside grounds by hawkers around the same time as the last set. These came from the box of bits I bought too, so I’d date them around the same as the other stuff. They’re fairly generic and if I saw them on eBay I’d scroll by, but knowing they’ve come from the same place as the others, I’m inclined to think they’re official.

This is a Coffers original, and they’re worth around the £25 mark. There were far fewer knock-offs and unofficial badges around at the time, and Coffers have a strong reputation in the badge market. I’ve taken this close up because it is a lovely badge, for me one of the very best. If you have one, hang on to it, as they’ll only increase in value over the years.

These two are the newest pieces in my collection, so I thought I’d drop them on here as they’re out on the side! I bought these after writing an article on match badges, and both were £1 plus postage. Neither are special, the Oxford one is from a game I’d rather forget and was an impulse buy. The Hull one is a weird one, it has modern badges on and I bought it without paying much attention, I thought it was to commemorate the KCom game between us and them in 02/03. It’s not, but it is a limited edition, individually numbered on the back.