The Stacey West League One 1-24: Get Involved

Credit Graham Burrell

There are a host of great 1-24 predictions out there, from the NTT20 pod to D3D4, from gab Sutton to Peter Taylor. 

It’s why I didn’t do one last year, because my voice is one in a long line of far better placed to make a judgement call. It’s been a busy summer and I cannot delve deep enough into the dealings of other clubs right now, not in the same way Gab can. However, I do want to get in on the act, so for a second year going, I’m asking you for yours.

All you need to do is send me an honest 1-24, on Facebook, Twitter DM or email ( I’ll collate them all, and work out the average Stacey West placings for each team. I should get time to do this Friday, around the time Ben and I do our pre-season prediction podcast.

All you need to do is send me the 24 League One teams in the order you think they’ll finish the season, and I’ll do the rest. Will you have the Imps top six? Top ten maybe? Are Portsmouth going to be contenders, and will big-money spenders such as Wigan fail? How will those promoted teams fare, and what of the second-season teams such as Crewe and Plymouth?

Feel free to listen or read NTT20, D3D4, Gab Sutton, Gills in the Blood and Peter Taylor before you send your predictions over, but get them to me before midnight on Thursday, and I’ll do the rest.