Memorabilia Corner Pt 8 – More Badges

I thought I’d drop a quick memorabilia corner article in today, to showcase the latest two badges added to the collection.

This weekend was the first game at Sincil Bank in 17 months, and the Red Imps Community Trust has some freebies to give away. In addition, I popped into the club shop to spend money I can’t spare on things I don’t really need, but came away a little disappointed with the badge selection of just one.

Maybe the shop is low on stock, maybe badges are no longer a big seller, but I could only find one on offer in the store, the one pictured above. I don’t like it, but I do try to buy a badge whenever I can, so I snapped it up anyway. The fonts are a bit gothic, I suppose they’re trying to do something a bit different, but it really doesn’t work for me. I’m not sure why the motto ‘club and country’ has been used either, I follow England but I support Lincoln. Maybe something simple like ‘1884’ would have worked better. Generally, this badge is a bit of a mess, but if you’re a collector, then you’ll buy it, just like I did.

The RICT were giving their own badges away, but I have one so didn’t get another (I’m not greedy). I was lucky enough to be there when Trevor Swinburne appeared with a bag of FPA badges, much to my delight! I haven’t seen one of these before, but this is much more like it in my opinion. I like the fact it’s red and black, even though we’re red and white, because it works better on the badge. I like the shape too, and it’s a good size, approximately the same as a two penny piece. It’s clean, good quality and I’m appreciative of the RICT and FPA giving them away.

Okay, this hasn’t come from the weekend’s game, but I did manage to find it in my collection. I have been working with the Priory Trust for three years now, providing a short course to Year Nine pupils around writing and content creation. It’s been great fun, delivered in conjunction with their English department and some committed teachers, and it is something I really enjoy. In the first year of the course, we produced this badge to award to those who took part, and as one of the teaching staff (of sorts), I got one too. Obviously, it is one I cherish and have only recently recovered from the suit lapel to drop in with my other badges.

I hope these memorabilia articles are fun for some. I plan to start going through programmes chronologically, starting with my earliest post-war and heading forward from there, as well as dropping a few other bits when I get the chance. Once again, if you’re interested in this sort of thing, then the Red Imps Community Trust Museum is the place to be!