Thanks / No Thanks: Sheffield Wednesday

Credit Graham Burrell

I haven’t done one of these for a while; time has been a problem, and they’ve always been a bit like Marmite.

Some of you love them, many others don’t pay any interest. Then again, if I only wrote articles the masses wanted to read, I wouldn’t have such a rich and diverse readership, would I?

Our actual playing record against The Owls is minimal; we’ve met 15 times, with them winning eight. There have been five draws and just two Imp-s’ wins; in 1949 and March 1978. The harsh truth is we’ve beaten Sunderland as many times in the past two years as we have Sheff Weds our entire history. I know the Mackems are a big club, but in my eyes, Wednesday are every bit as big. Make no mistake, this is a massive clash and one that in my lifetime, I don’t expect to see too often in the league. We have only played Sheff Weds once in my lifetime; we played twice in Autumn 1978, with one of those games the last we played before I was born.

You’d think there would be few connections between the two clubs, given that they’ve spent much of their time in divisions higher than us, but after scoring the record books, I’ve come up with a list of players that played for both. Some, we can thank Wednesday for, others, not so much. Are you stripped in?

Enjoy the one-off return of Thanks / No Thanks, a bumper eight-player edition too.