One Last Push: SW Development Fund Closes in on £10,000

Yep, you read that right. The Stacey West Development Fund, our joint venture with others, is closing in on £10k.

Vital Lincoln City, Burton Road Chippy, The Stacey West Podcast, Imptoons, L.I.S.A and ourselves have come together to raise as much as we can to go towards the development of the stand. It’s been great fun, from fish and chips to raffles, and it has brought many of us closer together. Now, with just a few days left, we’re going for one big final push.

Vital Lincoln City has agreed to match every donation in November, pound for pound, up to a maximum of £1000. It’s a huge gesture from Jules and the team, and will hopefully get us all even closer to that £10k mark. It’s a shocking sum of money for us to raise, and we pass on our sincere thanks to everyone who has donated money, prizes and put in such a huge effort to get us towards the goal. It’s time for that final push. At last check, we were on £9288, which means another £350 will be matched by Vitals, and get us to £10k. Can we do it?

You can donate here and help us towards the goal

The truth is this; we’ve already exceeded expectations. When Jules and I first spoke, we aimed for £5000, with a hope that maybe we could push |£7500. We’ve had some big help from Burton Road Chippy and Imptoons, both of whom stuck four-figure sums into the fund, and of course, the raffle raised another four figures. Now, we’re closing in on reaching the same figure that Wigan pays Charlie Wyke every week!

Seriously, let’s give it a last nudge. Congratulations to all raffle winners by the way, and if you haven’t claimed your prize, do get in touch as soon as possible.