Imps to Offer Attendance Boosting Prices For Accrington Game

We all know the drill; two games in a week is tough on the wallet, so choices have to be made.

Which do you go to, the return of a Lincoln City hero with Portsmouth (always loved Sean Raggett), or Accrington three days later? A game where the away end will be packed and the atmosphere loud, or a freezing cold afternoon looking at their fans bunched up in the new bike shed stand? Sadly, unless there’s a serious incentive, you’re going to choose the former.

You’d be doing yourself a disservice; in the five games Accrington have played at the Bank since 2017, we’ve scored 13 goals, Fixtures between the teams average eight or nine goals per season, with only 2018/19 bringing fewer; just the four in one game at their place! There’s only ever been two 0-0 draws between us at the Bank, and other scores across our history include 9-1, 5-1, 8-4, 4-3 and 6-1. Yup, there could well be goals.

Of course, it’s the final weekend of the month, and even payday doesn’t mean you’ll be flush. Santa might deliver the presents, but you’re the one who gets to buy them for everyone, and that means an empty wallet. Oh dear, right? Well, no, not really.

Courtesy Graham Burrell

The club has launched an incentive for the game where you can introduce a friend for a quid. You might even be the friend who wants to be introduced. Anyway, it’s called Imptroduce, which feels awkward on the tongue, but it won’t be awkward on your pocket, even if you have kids. Why? Because on the day the prices are:

  • Kids for a quid in all areas of Sincil Bank
  • Introduce a friend for £1.
  • A supporter paying an adult or concession price can also bring a friend along for just £1.
  • Gold/Gold+ members can introduce a friend for just £1.

It’s a scheme surely intended to ensure we don’t get out lowest home crowd for a long while, given the games, times of year and everything else. Whatever the purpose, it is a good offer, and if you’re a fan thinking of returning, or a new face who wants to check the team out, this is the game.

The club CEO Liam Scully said: “The support provided by our fans this season has been nothing short of exceptional, and our challenge to everyone – in particular our Gold and Gold+ members who are here at every game – is to help us build on that and pack out the LNER Stadium (Sincil Bank to you and I). We want to reward our fans who have backed us by allowing them to introduce others to games, but we also want any new faces to have a great experience and come down to watch us time and time again. Hopefully, this generous offer can encourage as many fans down to the ground as possible and we look forward to seeing you there.”

I also look forward to seeing you there, because a full stadium is a great sight.