Happy Christmas from the Stacey West

I understand you’re up to your elbows in wrapping paper, smoked salmon, tins of beer or whatever else you do at this time of the day, but I just wanted to wish everyone connected with the site a Merry Christmas.

It’s been a crazy year for the Imps, going from top of the league to within 90 minutes of the Championship, only to welcome Christmas in an unfamiliar placing in the lower reaches of the division. It is my firm belief we’re going to head up the table after the break, but football can be a funny and cruel mistress. Rest assured whether we fall or climb, the site will be here providing all the content you have come to expect.

I can’t possibly thank everyone here, because I’d inevitably leave someone out and feel gutted about that. I do want to thank my wonderful patreons, who helped with the site costs and ensure I always feel motivated to put an article up! In recent weeks it’s been a challenge, not least with my new job, but having people willing to give a couple of quid a month (more in some cases) for the effort I put in is a huge boost. It’s not all about the money either, it’s the trust that those people have that my work is of a sufficient standard to pledge a few quid. Sure, there’s the odd typo, but I try really hard to keep my content balanced and fair, as well as appealing to all ages.

The other thanks I want to give are to those who contribute to the site. There are plenty who do so regularly, and those who drop by with one or two pieces a year. You’re all wonderful, and the site is boosted by having different views and opinions on here. Thank you for that.

It would also be remiss of me not to thank Ben and Jake for their support and hard work on the podcast, and of course Bubs for his super pictures. As you can see, I’m already straying into the naming of individuals, and I shall stop there for fear of missing people out. Needless to say, if you read the articles, listen to the podcast, watch the videos or contribute in any way at all, you’re great and I wish you all the best this Christmas.

So, crack open another beer, put the laptop/phone/tablet down and give your loved ones the time they deserve, as I will be doing today. That’ll buy you credit tomorrow to get down the Bank and hopefully cheer City on to three points in the league. Happy Christmas.