The Ludicrous Rumours of Sincil Bank

Courtesy Graham Burrell

It’s deadline day, and for once we’re not glued to our screens hoping for business to be done.

I’m not expecting any, you’re probably not either, so it leaves us with very little to do other than to get on and remember some of the rumours from the past few years (and weeks) that had no basis, and never looked like being true. Enjoy.

Jorge Grant Going Back To Forest

This one had me howling. I remember the game, although not who told me (and I wouldn’t put them in here if I did). It was the day we lost 1-0 at home to Bristol Rovers, Tom Nichols diving for their goal. Danny Cowley had just left and Jorge Grant was out of the side. The word got around quickly; he’d been seen leaving the ground and he wasn’t going to play anymore, Nottingham Forest had recalled him, or even worse, he’d packed up and decided to go. Of course, it was utter rubbish; he wasn’t even on loan, he was our player, so there was never any basis to the rumour.

Courtesy Graham Burrell

John Akinde Going To Salford

I was in KFC for this one, New Year’s Day 2020. I can remember as clear as day someone coming up to me and saying John Akinde wouldn’t be in the squad; Salford were after him and he was heading off to their game. That left us with just Tyler Walker, and considering Salford had already taken Matt Green, it seemed a viable rumour. Of course, every player was linked with a move away that window, and Big John did leave before it slammed shut, but not to League Two and not to Salford. In fact, he was on the bench as we beat Peterborough 2-1, and my reliable informant was nowhere to be seen afterwards.

Joe Morrell Will Be Recalled and Loaned To Huddersfield

Same window, different source. The Danny Fear spread like wildfire that window, and of course, it was a rumourmonger’s wet dream. A change of manager and personality meant that people could just throw shit out there and see what stuck. Joe Morrell was a ket player for us at the time, and with Danny going to Huddersfield, he was of course linked with a move to them. Apparently, Bristol City were going to recall him and loan him to The Terriers (in the same league as them), because Danny wanted all the best Imps for himself. To be fair, I heard this one at the same time as I heard Toffolo to Huddersfield, but even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

Courtesy Graham Burrell

Danny Cowley To Ipswich

This one had me laughing, not because it was ridiculous, but because it was refuted by the man himself, in person. When Mick McCarthy left Ipswich, Danny was an obvious candidate, at I recall around the same time I was at the Civic Award, where him and Nicky were recognised for their achievements by the city. That day, rumours had been rife that they were on their way to Portman Road, so imagine my surprise when, during small talk, it came up. Their wives had both just moved up here and there was a real feeling of surprise that the lads were being linked with a move back down south to a club like Ipswich’, who were in freefall. Sadly, I didn’t get such assurances in September 2019.

Jez George Has Left The Club

This came a few weeks back, and I’m not sure what the basis would be. All I can think is people were so angry pre-Christmas about the perceived poor summer we had (the one where we brought TJ back, which was seen as a huge coup btw),, and blamed Jez. They then thought ‘Clive’s back., he’ll be sorting it’, as if Jez was to blame for players like N’Lundulu, Sorensen and Adelakun not settling in as we’d hoped. The intense irony of the situation is that on the same day I first heard this rumour, I then sat in a meeting with Jez where his phone was buzzing with messages about players such as Morgan Whittaker. So, whilst social media had him leaving the club, he was actually instigating the period which many think has been a huge success, this transfer window.

This shot always reminds me of the ‘Skegness is so Bracing’ poster – Credit Graham Burrell

Anthony Scully Refusing To Play

Genuinely, where does it come from? If it’s not true, which it isn’t, where does this rumour originate? Who sits in a pub and just suddenly goes ‘Scully is refusing to play because he wants a move’, as if it’s the truth? There were, of course, variants to this rumour. He wasn’t injured, he was being left out because we were selling him. He wasn’t injured, he’d fallen out with Michael and refused to play. Can you imagine being Sculls, reading that? He’s on social media, he follows people and he will have read the utter rubbish people put out there. I guess if these rumours stayed in DM’s, maybe they’d be acceptable, but when they’re thrown out there for general consumption, with zero basis whatsoever, they’re just damaging.

Michael Bridges / Ricky Miller / Robbie Fowler / Dwight Yorke

The Bentley has been the location of so many failed transfer deals it’s unreal. Everyone, from Robbie Fowler to Dwight Yorke has been seen there (usually by the same social media agitators who think fishing for comments is funny). Michael Bridges liked it so much he had a room there every August and January for a few weeks. Allegedly.