Four Things City Need To Do Better To Stay Up

Credit Graham Burrell

I know, there’s going to be a whole load of reaction to this.

I can already confidently suggest that you’ve read a lot of smart-arsed comments under this if you found the post on Twitter or via a Facebook post, from people who haven’t given the article a second glance, and certainly haven’t read it up to this point. Such is the life of being a fan; you have to put up with some people who think it is funny, or even essential to simply criticise, be smart and ‘witty’ in the loosest sense of the word. The likelihood is, those are the supporters sitting at home on a Saturday, waiting for our results to come through on Sky Sports.

Back in 2002/03, I did use to wonder why elements of the city hated the football club so much. Before we went to the Millennium Stadium, and for many years before, I always felt we were an inconvenience to many in the city. There was no pride in our club, we were just a reason to avoid town every other Saturday, treated with contempt. Of course, success on the field saw plenty change their mind, most of whom are still on board. There are always a few keyboard warriors (more than a few) out there just waiting until we can become a burden on the city once again, a reason to poke fun, rather than be positive.

Credit Graham Burrell

Mind you, positivity doesn’t sell. It doesn’t get you likes on social media, it doesn’t get you views on your blogs. Trust me; last month my two most popular articles in terms of views were the Gillingham and Doncaster games. People prefer to read the negatives; transfer news always does better than anything, especially reports of players leaving. Many supporters would rather share a message suggesting a player, like Tayo Edun, is leaving, rather than one is coming in. It’s almost human nature, isn’t it? When we gossip, we don’t gossip about how good someone is, or what good things people do. It’s a shame, but there we go. At least you’ve given this article a chance to tell you something, rather than just go off to make a funny (and in the case of many that will appear under this on Facebook, semi-illiterate) comment.

So, what is it we need to do better, in my opinion, to retain our League One status? Obviously, everyone will have a different opinion, but I’ve picked out four fundamentals that I think are crucial.