‘Take My Money’, ‘Nailed It’ – Imps’ Fans React To Kit Reveal

Credit - Lincoln City FC

The Imps released the new home shirt yesterday, and whilst it’s always something that splits a fanbase, there is a lot of positivity for the design.

Before we continue, one of my final tasks as part of the Supporter’s Board was to get involved in the design of the kit, so I am a little biased. However, I really think this year’s effort has plenty to be positive about, and whilst some of the finer details might not please purists, they are subtle enough not to be distracting, and in my opinion, bold enough to offer something different on last year’s kit.

Personally, I’m a big fan of retro and there are elements of retro in this effort. The black lines down each red stripe are a big plus for me; they’re inspired by the 1993/94 home shirt, but they feel contemporary rather than being too retro. Last year’s kit was a balls-out early eighties-inspired effort, this year elements combine from the previous kit to create something new with more than a nod to the past. That’s the case with the collar too; it reminds me a lot of the 2006/07 season. I don’t actually like the collar myself, but certainly, it brings back memories of Stallard and Forrester; let’s hope Kendall and House have the same effect!

Some might not like the black Imp as opposed to red, but That’s one thing that stands out for me. I know we’re known as the Red Imps, but the badge has not always been red; in the 1987/88 GMVC winning season, it was black and white, so the colour is of no real consequence to me. I really like the contrast between the badge and the stripe, it stands out nicely.

I’ve seen some moaning about the sponsor, but you’ll never get that here. It’s a local company, which is good, and whatever the colour it really doesn’t matter. The fact we’ve attracted a front-of-shirt sponsor that’s not a betting company and has signed for a full year is enough for me. When designing the kit, there’s never scope to put the sponsor on by the way; the shirt needs signing off way before any sponsorship deals are concluded, and I think we’ve had worse in the past. Remember the NSUK shirt? Bland colours, messy shirt and people complained. I have no issue with a splash of colour on the sponsor, and the Branson design is actually quite effective. I’m also delighted we stuck with black shorts. Again, maybe personal and little more, but for me, we’re red and white stripes, black shorts, and that’s that.

If you wish, the kit can be bought here. Did you lot like it though? There’s been plenty of reaction on social media, here’s some of the best, starting with a positive comment from Mr Glass-Half-Empty himself.