‘We’re Getting Relegated’ – These Wycombe Fans React To City’s Win

credit Graham Burrell

It’s fair to say that Wycombe were disappointing on Saturday.

Not for us, obviously. The fact they were poor was great for us, but if you’d been tonked 3-0 at home on the opneing day, and you travelled 111 miles to watch your team away from home only to get thumped 3-0 again, you’d be a bit disappointed.

The fact is we played well, but they were not on best form, and goals from Reeco Hackett, Ted Bishop and Danny Mandroiu were no less than we deserved. After the first, Wycombe went into their shell, and the leaders, the likes of Keogh, Scowen and Vokes, disappeared.

How did those travelling fans see the game? How did they react to a second successive defeat against the Imps? Was it justified in their eyes, or not? I’ve had a look throguh their Twitter responses to see exactly what their supporters thought after the game.

Grimmer missed chance

Hackett, 1-0


Bishop, 2-0


Mandroiu, 3-0

Final Whistle