An Alternative List of Potential Imps Head Coaches

Interesting times. That’s what I keep hearing. These are interesting times at Lincoln City, and they’re only going to get more interesting.

Whilst they are interesting, those tasked with making them more so are doing a rubbish job. I’m talking about the bookies, who always have people frothing at the mouth when it comes to potential new managers. The reason they’re doing a poor job is the lack of imagination in the names they’ve got after the two current front runners.

We know Stephen Bradley is going to be mentioned because of how close he is thought to have been last time. We know Danny is going to be mentioned because he’s out of work and has managed us before. After that, I’d expect a self-respecting bookie to do a bit of research to throw some interesting names into the hat. Do you know the names on the current list after that? I won’t link a specific bookie unless they pay me, but Steve Cotterill, Damien Duff, Karl Robinson, Leam Richardson, Tom Shaw, Nathan Jones, Gary Rowett, Gary Alexander, Neil Lennon, Gary Bowyer and a never-ending list of other names that will (most likely) not get the job.

Many of the names are the same as those listed for the next Bradford City job, just in a different order. It’s boring. Come on, guys, do some research. Scour the leagues, look for people who are out of leftfield, just like Mark Kennedy was. I’m looking at Ireland, Scotland and the Under-21s. I’m looking abroad, I’m looking for former Imps with a great coaching record. Basically, I’m doing your job for you.

If I were a bookie, I’d be listing some of these ten names rather than the same old suspects. At least you might tempt a bit of discussion to fill the time until we unveil Danny Cowley our new head coach.

(Disclaimer – I don’t think Danny will end up back at the club, but I make no secret of the fact I would love to see it)
(Second disclaimer – I don’t think many, if any, of these names are on our radar, but they’re more likely than Mark effing Cooper, currently available at 30/1 with some bookies)