Daily Quiz #143

Let us start tough and get easier....

It's Forest, but who?

This one was kinda ruined on some social media outlets today, but hey ho

Into the 80's

Here's a youthful lad who ended up in England

Bang up to date, ish

Is this too harsh? It feels too harsh.

We're getting too easy now aren't we?

Which team is this player playing for here?

It is, of course, Justin Fashanu, the first openly-gay player in British football.

Hang on that isn't a sticker.....

It's Davis... to read an exclusive three-page interview with him about his time at the Imps, how he was frozen out by Beck and never really gelled with Thommo, pick up Issue 5 of A City United, in shops tomorrow (through the day, so best leave it late if you're going to grab it!)