Daily Quiz #148

Ah, back to the completely random pictures of footballers from Pro Set cards. Easier than Lincoln questions for many, oddly.

Do you think I'd ever have Sutton as an answer to a question?

Non-descript Forest player here.

No need to guess the player here, just the team he's playing for.

Same again, I don't need to know who he is, just who he is playing for.

Here's a recognisable face

Who is this guy playing for?

BONUS QUESTON: Which FA Cup final did he score in?

It's Keith Houchen who scored a diving header for Coventry as they beat Spurs 3-2 in 1987.

Which FA Cup final was this guy sent off in?

It's Kevin Moran, the first man to be dismissed in an FA Cup final for Manchester United in 1985.

Getting easier now, or at least it appears to be. I don't need to know who this is, instead which England tournament did he make 2 appearances?

Of course we didn't qualify in 1994. It's Andy Sinton who made two appearances in the awful 1992 European Championships.

Who is this?

Last one: which Stein is this?

BONUS: How many ex-Imps have you spotted in this quiz?

Darren Davis playing for Maidstone, John Vaughan playing for Cambridge.