SW Quiz #179

Start with an easy one shall we? Did this chap ever play for Lincoln?

Of course he did, it's that wily veteran Trevor Hebberd who arrived at Sincil Bank long after his best days were behind him.

He's a Cod, was he an Imp too?

No, I'm afraid not. His son was though, this is Paul Futcher, RIP

Graced Stamford Bridge, did he grace Sincil Bank?

Yes, but barely, This is Joe Allon who went from 'Super' to 'Goofy' inside two months.

Going back a bit further, if you know, you know.

Former England, Everton and Lincoln City striker Bob Latchford.

He looks familiar, right? Is he a former Imp also?

I'm not sure who he looks like, but he ain't a former Lincoln player. This is Mike Ford. Hi Mike.

Forest, we used to get a few boys from Forest didn't we? Did we get this one?

Nope, this is Brian Rice. Used to play in midfield with Tony Currie for Forest, but they always made such a meal of things. Boom boom, I'm here all week.

By the hair and 'tash you'll guess the era, but does that fine barnet belong to a player who played for Lincoln?

This is Bobby Smith. Know him? No, of course you don't, he never played for Lincoln.

Did he play for Lincoln? Did he?

Yes, he played for Lincoln although I suppose the law of averages said at least one more player would. This is Wayne Biggins, on loan in the early 80s and later to play for Stoke City.

Two to go. We had a lot of players on loan from Man City back in the day. Did we have this one?

This is Georgi Kinkladze, a gem of a player who never played for Lincoln City.

Finally, another Cod. Was he also an Imps?

He was indeed. This is Paul Groves, he came on loan from Leicester City in the early 1990s but didn't sign. Went on to become something of a Grimsby legend.