SW Quiz #190 – Name the opposition from their match day team

Which side were we playing here? Tough start.

Dave Barnett later played for City. What position did he play?

On the rare occasion he did play, he was a centre half.

Here's a more local side, can you spot who?

Liam Scully joined us from Mansfield What is his position at Lincoln?

This must be straightforward, surely?

Joe Allon also played for City, but which of the other names on the team sheet also played for us?

Another team sheet, another team

Number 9 on the list played for all of the clubs in the previous question, true or false?

Ken Charlery did indeed play for all four clubs, making the question fairly difficult. He was, of course, the man who blew the whistle on Steve Evans at Boston.

I'll be honest, this is a tough question. top marks for anyone who gets it right.

Last team sheet for you

For a bonus point, can you name the year question 10 came from?

It's from the November 1975 FA Cup clash between us and the Pilgrims in 1975/76

For another bonus point, one of the players went on to father a Lincoln player. Which shirt number was he wearing?

Jason Kabia's Dad, Jim. Number 11 went on to manage England.