Money for the club already!

We’ve not even got an issue on the streets yet, and we’re already supporting our football club financially!!

A run of subscriptions coupled with a generous offer of some free printing from our only advertiser has meant we have been able to pledge £75 to the crowd funder, worth £150 to Lincoln City football club! The pledge has also meant that we will be in possession of the highly sought after Paul Farman signed pink keepers jersey, a crowd funder prize that went inside 30 minutes!

This is a superb achievement for the fanzine given we haven’t gone on general sale yet, and a big thanks to both Howdens Joinery of Louth and to our subscribers. For the first run of copies we’re printing and binding ourselves, which hopefully will give us more money to plough into the club as the season starts! It does give the fanzine quite a retro feel as well which hopefully will go down well with you lot.

DF 004a

The free printing and self binding does mean a bit of extra work on our part, but if it means getting pennies into the clubs bank account then why not? We’re hoping to have a good run on copies through the friendly so we can pledge more via the crowd funder. Every pound we pledge is £2 to the club, it’s a no brainer!

So what of the Paul Farman signed pink jersey we’ll be receiving once the crowd funder is complete? Well there’s great news for our subscribers…. you’ll all be entered into a free draw to win it. Literally all you have to do is be a paid up subscriber to Deranged Ferret by the time we finally hit the streets. If you subscribe for all four copies, you’ll get two entries into the draw. If you buy the first edition on a match day and then subscribe to the next three copies you’ll get one entry into the draw.

We’ll be drawing for it before a game in August, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

So there we go, not on the doorstep and already the Ferret is putting money into Lincoln City Football Club. It may only just be re-launching, but it is our hope that the Ferret will now be around for many years to come.