Cowleys Campaign Update 

Since the launch of Cowleys Campaign Crowdfunder over £7K has been raised, meaning £14k in real terms. If we carry on at that rate then we could easily raise the salary of an extra player. James Caton anyone? 

As fans we have always come together to help bring players to the club.We (not me, too young) signed Peter Grotier from West Ham. Kevin Austin was signed after an appeal by John Beck, and last year’s crowd funder helped bring Callum Howe to the club. This year’s effort has already been significantly more successful.

Could he be an Imp next season?

Last season we saw fantastic sums raised, and this season the Imps newest board member Ian Reeve has pledged to match the first £25k pound for pound, hence our £7K becoming £14K. Can we get to £25K for a total of £50k? Can the optimism felt around the club manifest itself into pounds and pence?

Now if you’re an Imps fan there are some fantastic prizes to win. For £20 you get a pint in the trust suite, for £50 you get to watch a training session with the first team. £100 will get you a pair of VIP match tickets, and excitingly £250 will get you a place in a 22 man squad to face off against the first team at the end of next season. New awards are being added all the time, just last week DF bagged a pink Paul Farman shirt to be raffled off to one lucky subscriber. Recently signed balls and shirts have appeared and there’s always something new being added. The club are behind this and on present numbers so are the fans. We must keep the pressure up though!

Those behind the crowd funder believe the Cowleys’ can deliver us our football league status, and the more money  we raise the better chance we have. We’ve heard James Caton is with the squad at present, and he was the only trialist with a printed shirt. Perhaps a few more pledges will free up the funds for Danny Cowley to move for him? With every pound you pledge meaning two pounds to the club, never before has a fund raising effort been so important in pushing the club on. We’ve fought to bring players here in the past and won. We’ve fought to save the clubs very existence, and we won that too. Now it’s time to help them fight to get back into the football league.

DF will be on sale against Peterborough and Crewe, and thanks to the generosity of our own ‘mystery backer’ all print costs have been covered which means every penny raised by matchday sales from those two games will go into the crowdfunder with prizes going into a draw. Buy DF, support the crowdfunder. 

Alternatively just support the crowd funder. You know it makes sense.

Do it here: crowdfunder