Matthew Ghent

Former Aston Villa keeper Matthew played just one full game for Lincoln City, and he played a blinder.

We were struggling at home to non league Dagenham in the FA Cup, but were drawing 0-0 thanks to Ghent’s heroics. After beating Bracknell 4-0 in the first round, a big draw awaited and the 20-year old rookie was ensuring we had a place in the draw on his full debut.

It was still 0-0 after 89 minutes and Alan Long got word that the keeper had been named Man of the Match. It was announced and maybe, just maybe, Ghent heard it. He must have been celebrating in his head as he immediately conceded a soft Michael Janney goal to leave us out of the cup in almost comical circumstances.

There’s nothing funny about costing your team the game though and he didn’t play again for the club. Chris Day was immediately recalled as understudy. with Ghent not seen in a Lincoln shirt again.

It is a fallacy to think he only played one game though, he came on after 38 minutes of the 1-1 draw away at Carlisle, a game in which we trailed 1-0. He had a decent game too, which is why he kept his place for the cup.


In fact he wasn’t really seen anywhere again bar FGR and a short spell with Barnsley. He drifted into the non league game after 11 Football league appearances, and then in 2006 he drifted into prison for three months for kicking his pregnant girlfriend in the stomach because he didn’t like how she had decorated the Christmas tree. In 2013 he had a restraining order slapped on him after being branded a true stalker by a judge.

He also once posed in a bath with a fag, wine and a load of £20 notes.

It makes me glad he only played twice for us.

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