Margetts on the move

There’s never a dull moment with Lincoln this season is there? Star strikers requesting transfers and then staying, snatching stars from almost all of last years play off teams and now selling a striker just seven games into his Imps career. It’s certainly keeping me busy at my computer screen.

I didn’t go  into deadline day with any trepidation at all. We were unlikely to sign anyone as we’re not bound by this whole transfer window thing, and there were no rumours of any departures. In fact instead of following the coverage I was trying to shoot a rat I’d found on the bird feeders with my neighbours air rifle. I was happy.

I’ve always hated the pomp and performance that deadline day brings. Why not do your business early? Why do we have to create a day where agents and media morons can whip up excitement and anticipation for no reason? Deadline day epitomises everything that is wrong with the modern games.

Anyway I got the rat so I thought I’d check my phone, as you do. I just to see the obvious wind up that Margetts is on the move, and I stayed with it as it became clear it wasn’t a wind up. I stuck with it right up to the very end when Scunthorpe smugly put up a photo of him in their claret and blue shirt grinning like the next Jamie Vardy. For the first time since the Cowley brothers took over I have read some fairly negative things. I can understand the frustration, to a point.

Firstly lets deal with the specifics. We didn’t pay anything for Margetts so collecting a fee is very nice indeed. Danny Cowley has said that all the money from the transfer will be made available to him. Apparently Scunthorpe upped their bid significantly during the day which leads me to believe it is in the region of £50k. That’s £50k for free.

City v Southport 4-0 048
Five goals. Seven games. Two divisions. Fair play Jonny.


I don’t expect to hear the full fee as it’s fallen into the ‘undisclosed’ bracket which seems sensible. If we are chasing players as we’re rumoured to be then the last thing we need to do is give agents and opposition teams an idea of how much we’ve got to play with. This money is being reinvested in the near future and we don’t want to show our hand early.

I’m not actually convinced that Margetts was the significant centre forward people have made him out to be. His four goals against Southport were well taken but if we take those out of the equation he’s scored one in six rather than five in seven. I’m not pulling him down as he’s clearly a good striker, but I’d be much more gutted if it was Marriott or Rhead. Much more.

Danny also stated that he was under no pressure to sell and he felt he couldn’t stand in the players way. I’m sure if the offer hadn’t significantly aided his quest to bring someone in then he would have moved to keep Margetts. There’s no way a shrewd character like Danny Cowley would give up something for free.

The worry amongst some fans is that this now sets a precedent and that other teams could come sniffing around our players. They could, but league clubs won’t be able to move on anything until January. If scouts get a load of Alex Woodyard between now and then it really isn’t going to make a blind bit of difference Margetts moving so I don’t see it as starting a domino effect. As we continue to do well league clubs will look at our players, I’m afraid that is a fact of life. It doesn’t mean we’ll sell them all though.

Danny Cowley is far too shrewd to immediately break up his team as it’s falling into place, league football or not. I think it’s more likely that the form of Marriott and Rhead have convinced him that they’re his front two, and that potentially Margetts could cut an increasingly forlorn figure on the side lines rather than accruing value. Of the two Adam Marriott is a far more exciting prospect and has scored more regularly across matches. There was no need to sell, no pressure to sell but there was enough incentive to make him accept.

Does this mean Weslowski is now incoming? Rumours of Dan Bradley keep circulating as well, and those darn Ricky Miller conversations have been doing the round since June. He could be looking for an upfront cash fee to offer Braintree for his old protégé Akinola?

I remember us losing Lee Frecklington in similar shocking circumstances a few years ago. That move left us short of cover and without financial recompense, but I assure you that this will not be the case again.

There’s actually an element of really smart business here. This player cost us nothing just a few months ago, and now he’s generating disposable income. In reality his record is distorted by one outstanding performance. That’s not to say I’m not disappointed that he’s moved on, just that I don’t think it’s the ‘lack of ambition’ many so-called fans will imply it to be.

On the players part I can sympathise fully with his quick turnaround. As a manager I took a job in Cambridgeshire, but just three months later was offered another one which I chose to take because of location. Now although his is a climb up the ladder and mine was a like for like swap I still had to make a decision for my career so quickly after committing to one place. He’s had to do the same and I’m sure it is no sleight on Lincoln City nor the fans of the club. He wants league football and he’s been given the opportunity, so best of luck to him.

City v Southport 4-0 072
His penalty makes it 4-0 v Southport. You can’t see him in this picture though, but trust me he took it.


I’m writing this just 25 minutes or so after the deal is done so much remains to be seen, but I suspect that the value of this deal will not become apparent until we make our moves in the transfer market, and rest assured we will. DC often talks about only adding to the group if he can see an improvement and I’m sure the same goes for players going out. He won’t weaken the group without plans to strengthen and interviews recently have alluded to bringing in a midfielder ‘if deals can be reached’. I’m damn sure some wages to play with and a few thousand more as a transfer fee is going to help grease the wheels.

So far I haven’t felt let down by the mangers once. No signing has underwhelmed me, no performance has been lacklustre or devoid of effort and not once has he said something that I’ve disbelieved or disagreed with significantly. I have every faith that this surprise move will in the long term benefit Lincoln City.

How much remains to be seen, but rest assured it will only add strength to the group. Everything he does is to add strength to the group.