Miller: Too Posh for Dover?

Speculation regarding the eventual destination of in demand Dover striker Ricky Miller took another turn this week, as Barry Fry admitted Peterborough are in the race.

In the Non League paper Fry admitted his Peterborough outfit were looking to place a bid for the former Boston forward, but Dover weren’t answering their calls.

“We’ve tried getting in contact with Dover, but they’re not returning any of our calls. It looks like they want to keep him there to help them get into the Play-Offs. I can’t blame them really for not taking calls, I probably wouldn’t.”

If Miller remains at Dover it will signal a risky strategy by Jim Parmenter and the loathsome Chris Kinnear.  Miller has hit 23 goals this season and is out of contract in May. He’s bound to be hot property, and his agent could secure him a good financial package if he choses to leave, meaning Dover would get nothing for their prized forward. Now I might not be a fan of Big Jim and his grand idea’s for his little club, but I do know he is a businessman. Businessmen usually know a bit about money, specifically how to make it and how to retain it.

Barry Fry, probably reading a text from Chris Kinnear.


The news that Posh had entered the race got me thinking, and as a firm fan of conspiracy theories I’ve come up with one all of my own. Knowing the underhand tactics the boys from Crabble like to indulge in, what if they had picked up the phone to Big Barry?

I have a tendency not to believe everything I read in the papers, and therefore when Barry Fry says Dover haven’t returned his calls, I find myself looking for the story behind the story. If Barry Fry tells you his car is black, be on the lookout for him driving a blue one. If he tells you it is a sunny day, wear a rain coat, and if he tells you he won’t be signing Ricky Miller, expect the deal to be all-but done.

The conversation might have gone along the lines of, ‘yes, we can talk about Ricky Miller’. Posh might not want the forward immediately, after all they’re not doing badly in League One at the moment, they’re sat just outside the Play-Offs themselves and have scored as many as any of the four teams above them. Miller would represent an investment on their part.

Football League bound?


What if instead of Miller moving now, they agree a deal that will take him to London Road in May, once Dover’s play off assault has failed? Posh might be willing to wait for their potential golden egg, and as we know Mr Fry loves a good scheme and it often seems to be at the expense of our very own Lincoln City.

What would Dover want in order to let Miller go? Well maybe they noticed the impact that a certain Mr Anderson had whilst he was at the Bank. Now if Barry would be so kind as to recall Anderson under the pretence that Posh needed him back, that could dent our own hopes, and in turn boost Dover’s own Football League ambitions.

It’s far fetched, fanciful and a bit of fun but when it comes to Barry Fry, Jim Parmenter and Chris Kinnear I wouldn’t rule anything out. Those three men seem to have more disdain for Lincoln than John Wilkes Booth (you’ll need to Google that kids) and in my minds eye I can see them sat around the table at a service station off the A14 cackling manically to each other as they launch a (failed) bid to derail the Lincoln Loco.

Who hates Lincoln more?