There’s only two Danny Rowe’s

Once upon a time there were two Danny Rowe’s, and both of them appeared for AFC Fylde. The Fylde fans coined the witty song that forms part of the title to this scurrilous piece of rumour and half truth that you’re about to read.

According to rumours on social media (where else do we get rumours from these days?) the Macclesfield Town winger Danny Rowe has been spotted around Lincoln in the past few weeks, fuelling a rumour that he is poised to make a move to the Imps in January.

Macclesfield’s Rowe is not to be confused with the Danny Rowe currently tearing up the National League North either. That Rowe is well known to Imps fans for a misfiring spell under Gary Simpson a few years back. The Rowe we’re familiar with has not been linked with City, despite outscoring everyone in the league below us. I suspect his attitude and approach wouldn’t fit in with the Cowley ethos.

To confuse matters even further both players have had spells at Stockport as well as Fylde. For the purpose of this article we’re going to need to refer to them by there middle initially as well. The Rowe that appeared for us is Danny L Rowe, the Macclesfield player is Danny M Rowe.

Danny Rowe. Recognise him? No? That’s because this one hasn’t played for us.


Danny M Rowe has been at Macclesfield for a couple of seasons now and has previously had spells at Stockport (as mentioned) and Barrow. He’s a wide midfield player and that does seem to correlate with the shopping list our manager has, but is it enough to produce a decent half rumour?

Personally I’m not convinced (and given my form that means he’ll probably b unveiled tomorrow). He’s got pedigree at this level, but I think that wide position is more suited to a Blair Turgott or Simeon Akinola. Those are players with whom Danny and Nicky will be familiar, and surely they constitute a far better investment?

Danny M Rowe has made almost 100 appearances for Macclesfield and has scored five goals so far this season, but despite this National League experience I can’t see him being the player to fill Harry Anderson’s boots. He’s quick and tricky, and he’s had a good season so far at Macclesfield, but he would command a fee at present. He’s a fixture in the Macclesfield first team, and whenever I’ve seen him play I thought he was alright: nothing too special, just an able winger.

Has he been seen in Lincoln? Was he down at the Bentley with Michael Bridges, Dwight Yorke and anyone else you care to mention? Or was he linked with Lincoln by another of those god-awful trolling fisherman on social media who like to spread lies and incorrect comments purely to catch people out?

I guess by January 30th at the latest, we’ll know the answer.