Who is the big bloke stood next to Raggett?

This was the question that was asked of me around lunchtime yesterday. One of my numerous little birds messaged me saying he’d walked past training, and he’d seen an unfamiliar character stood next to Sean Raggett. Apparently he was a ‘bloody big lad’ and was definitely a new face.

The time was 10.59am. At 1.30pm I was hosting yet another get together, this time for my nearest and dearest. I had just two and a half hours to try and uncover the mystery man’s identity.

It’s not always easy for a blogger living so far outside of Lincoln. I couldn’t pop down and look for myself, and I wasn’t likely to get to chat to Danny or Nicky to bring you the news. The Lincolnshire Echo hadn’t broken a story either, so I put on my best Columbo rain jacket (metaphorically) and began asking questions.

Once we’d established ethnicity I offered a few options to my source. It was Akinola, this guy was too tall. I trialled a couple of other players, Morgan Ferrier being one. We’d been linked with him by one of those god-awful ‘click to find out’ website and I thought their might be something in it. I knew the player sounded too tall for Blair Turgott as well.

My first guests arrived and an unconnected little bird was talking to me about Jordan Chiedozie, a striker from we might be interested who who recently returned to Concord Rangers after a spell at Boreham Wood. It wasn’t him either.


Then 1.30 arrived, my deadline was gone and I was at the mercy of our local media outlet, and they didn’t disappoint. The 6’3 player who’d been spotted was former Standard Liege winger Erwin Senakuku. I’m told he trained well, he looked a little raw and uncut but he has bags of potential. You’d expect that from someone who served his time at a top Belgian club, although he has recently playing for Royal Football Club Seraing, currently of the Belgian third division.

Last season he finished with 7 goals in a poor season for Seraing as they were relegated. The year prior to that he was playing for top flight Charleroi where he scored 20 times for their reserve side. If this doesn’t sound like the modest goal return you’d expect from a winger, you’d be right.

After completing his haul last season he spoke (in French) to website dh.be, and said (roughly translated thanks to google translate) the following:

“It was a personal satisfaction for me to finish top scorer,  but it would have been a lot better to finish the season on a good note. We would have wanted a victory to close our campaign.  I could have done better, this total is not huge amount, but I did not play every game.  I prefer to play in the centre than on the flank.”

So our new winger is far happier in the middle, and not only that but he hit twenty playing for a top Belgian sides reserve team. He clearly has a bit of ability, and he sounds very much like the sort of player you usually expect to surface at a League One or Two club. I know DC said that he has family in Lincoln, but I’d also wager a bet that the degree of success we’re currently experiencing helped in convincing him to approach us for a trial.

It’s not often a team at our level has exotic names such as Senakuku and ter Horst on trial is it? I’m just hoping by the end of January we have another exotic sounding name playing for us, something along the lines of ‘Akinola’.