Nicke Kabamba – if it’s more than a rumour, get excited.

I’ve had a little chuckle to myself this evening. I was collecting some dinner from a local shop (health food stuff, obvs) and I caught a glance of a post linking us with Reading full back Sean Long, courtesy of rumours page on Twitter. It amused me because I think you’ll find you heard it here first.

Digging a little deeper into this account I also found us linked with Nicke Kabamba, a young striker currently terrorising defenders in the league below us. He plays for Hampton and Richmond and formed a deadly partnership with a player called Jamal Lowe who recently moved to Portsmouth.

I didn’t link Kabamba with Lincoln prior to today, but I have championed him as a potential signing, and as the season has worn on I’ve kept a keen eye on the striker. He’s had a great time in the forty odd days since I initially identified him as a target and I can’t help but feel he is a perfect fit for Danny and Nicky, should the rumour have any ounce of truth at all.

Firstly, why it might be more than ‘Stefan Payne’ style speculation. There’s one thing that points to there being some truth in the rumour. The player started following City on Twitter recently. He followed Barnet and Newport too, so he might just be a fan of Football. 


Also, Nicke shares an agency (achieve) with non other than our own super sub Adam Marriott, and also our two month wonder Jonny Margetts. Coincidence? Perhaps, but if the agents have a foot in the door with Danny it could help grease the wheels of a move. Kabamba has been around the southern non-league scene for a few seasons and it is almost nailed on that our management team are aware of him and what he can do.

What can he do? Well first and foremost he scores goals, apparently for fun. He bagged 18 last season for Hemel Hempstead and is already on 15 for this season at Hampton and Richmond. He’s got a real all-round feel to his game as well, he’s not only devastatingly quick but he’s a physical presence as well. He’s 23 so he has moved beyond the billing of promising youngster, and is shifting towards ‘now or never’ when it comes to his big break.

I have to admit, of all the rumours I’ve heard recently (Turgott, Ferrier, Akinola, perhaps even Miller) this is the name that gets my pulse racing. I have a strong feeling he can go on to achieve the sort of success Andre Gray and Jamie Vardy have, if he is managed right and attention is paid to his development. Danny and Nicky Cowley could undoubtedly bring the best out in Kabamba. Of all the players we’ve been linked with, this is the on I’ll be praying for if I go to church on Sunday morning. Which I won’t.

A message for Nicke

Nicke Kabamba is, quite rightly, hot property and is likely to be attracting the attention of the likes of Barnet as well as us. I have some advice for the player in that respect. Look at Ben Tomlinson: he scored regularly for the Imps in the National League, but a move to Barnet has stunted his career. Jumping up to the wrong club can make or break your career, especially at 23. Now look at fellow Achieve clients Adam Marriott and Jonny Margetts. One is featuring in a side top of the National League, being man managed through injury to help him become fitter and stronger. The other was given a chance by the same great club, took it and secured a move to the Football League, although now he has faltered. Ask these two what they think of our management duo, and indeed all of the staff at the club. I bet you hear nothing but words such as ‘sign up’.

The big win here for you Nicke, should a move be on the cards, is to join Lincoln City. You will be a Football League player next season, you will play regular football in an exciting and successful team and you will be working with two of the best man managers in the National League. You’ll be working with two of the best tactically minded and most thorough individuals on the non-league scene and two of the most exciting young managers in the English game today. If you want to go to the next level, you need to get on the Lincoln Loco at the next stop. Come and join the party.

As for non-league rumours on Twitter, if you want to know what is happening I suggest subscribing to my blog, although sources suggest you already do. I’ll only keep helping if you stop printing far fetched crap about Nathan Arnold. He was a Cod, now he feels like he’s at home in red and white. He’s on of us now, hopefully like Nicke Kabamba will be soon!


A book is for life, not just for Christmas. My book, The Who’s who of Lincoln City 1993-2013, is out and available on Amazon.


I am hoping to have some copies to hand in time for the next home game too



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