Out comes the scarf, but is there a hitch at Crewe?

Another crucial piece of the promotion jigsaw is set to fall into place later today, with an as-yet unnamed striker being added to the ranks on a short-term loan deal.

The arrival of Billy Knott yesterday took many by surprise, Knott has some proper football pedigree and didn’t seem like the sort of player we could attract. His name hadn’t been mentioned on social media either, meaning he came as a pleasant surprise, even to those who believe they’re ‘in the know’.

However, those who do have contacts have been mentioning the name we’re heavily linked with today for some time, and as long as there are no last-minute hitches I suspect there will be a few happy Imps fans come 5pm.

In completely unrelated striker news, there could be trouble for Jonny Margetts at Crewe. It is my understanding that a player can be registered for three clubs in a season, but can only play competitive matches for two. If that is the case, I can’t see how Jonny Margetts can represent Crewe in competitive matches, if my interpretation of the rule is correct.

The only team he can feature for is Lincoln City, and after we missed out on him a couple of days ago, I can’t see that happening, certainly not given the much-anticipated announcement later.

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  1. Southwell seems an astute signing. Hopefully get some games and goals under his belt. Perhaps we can get Margetts back once Southwell goes?

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