Famous connections Imps style

Torquay United have completed the signing of centre forward Ruairi Keating, who has quite a famous connection, and it got me thinking about Imps with links to celebrities. Yeah, that’s what I think about sometimes.

Ruairi’s uncle Ronan is fairly well known, having achieved fame as part of the band Boyzone. Later, as a solo artist he gained worldwide attention when his single When You Say Nothing At All was featured in the British rom-com Notting Hill.
The somewhat tenuous connections set my mind on fire (for a couple of minutes), and I’ve compiled a top three of Imps with famous links. It would have been top five, but I couldn’t think of anymore off the top of my head.
3.  Tom Kilbey
Nothing quite as illustrious as Boyzone for this one-time Imps player. Kilbey is the brother of someone called Cara, who I’m informed played some sort of role in vacuous reality TV show The Only Way Is Essex. Kilbey made seven appearances for City as we slipped out of the Football League in 2011. His debut went well, we lost 6-0 at home to Rotherham. Two bookings and five further defeats later he scurried off to be a designer or something.
2. Scott Willis
A particular favourite of mine, young Mr Willis was the nephew of Liverpudlian icon Cilla Black. There wasn’t a lorra laffs when you were on the end of a Scott Willis tackle though, particularly one of those that came at neck height. After about 1.05 minutes approx. in the video below, Mr Willis launches his assault. His look of surprise is probably the funniest thing you’ll ever see.

He scored three times for City in 33 appearances before his unpredictable nature saw him replaced by Keith Alexander.


1. Stefan Oakes
Both Stefan and his brother Scott were decent enough footballers on their day (although we never saw it with Stefan at Lincoln), but their old man Trevor was pretty nifty on a guitar too. Whilst Ronan Keating was no more than a glimmer in Mr Keating’s eyes, Trevor was plucking the strings of his guitar, and the heart strings of teenagers everywhere in 1970’s pop-rock band Showaddywaddy.
Oakes came along to City billed as having ‘Pretty Little Angel Eyes’, but after 47 appearances and one goal there was no ‘Lookin Back’ as he wandered off ‘Under The Moon of Love’ and into non-league football.  Whilst Peter Jackson had told him ‘You Got What It Takes’, Imps fans were left thinking ‘I Wonder Why’.
All of those are Showaddywaddy songs. My Dad had the albums although he always claimed they were Mum’s.
Please note it is no longer acceptable to say ‘Showaddywaddy’ in the style of Jimmy Savile, even though I gurantee you said it in your head.
Have I forgotten anybody? Let me know in the comments, or by shouting at me tomorrow.