A view from Old Trafford

Pete Summers is a Manchester United season ticket holder who has Lincoln City close to his heart as his second club. He’s been to a few games over the past two seasons, and was watching City regularly as far back as the turn of the century alongside me. This morning I got the following email, and I just had to share it with you all.

Saturday is the biggest game in Lincoln’s season. Probably the biggest since the last play off final. Certainly bigger than any of the FA Cup games in terms of significance. But here’s the thing, its the biggest in the history of FGR. Dale Vince said after last seasons play off defeat that they’d win the league this season, the clip is still on the BBC Sport website. The pressure is on Lincoln after recent (comparatively) poor form whilst FGR are flying, last minute winners do that. But FGR would rather come in to the game in Lincoln’s position rather than the other way around, not least because is game is at Sincil Bank.

After the Arsenal game Danny Cowley described Lincoln fans as world class. On Saturday they can show that by being “the 12th man”. I don’t just mean by backing the team from minute 1 to minute 90 that is a given, it goes much further than that. FGR played in front of 1,445 on Tuesday night. Saturday will be 5 times that. For a number of their players it will be the largest crowd that they’ve ever played in front of. The job of the fans is to also make it the most intimidating. Both sets of players will probably walk out to warm up at 11.30ish. The 617 (as a bare minimum) should be in the ground by then. By both backing Lincoln from well before kick off and at the same time letting FGR know that they’re there then it will give Lincoln the boost that they need to put Tuesday behind them and put FGR on the back foot before the game has even started.

It goes even further than just Saturday as well. I get the feeling that the first time that Danny & Nicky really got the club was FGR away. His post match comments mentioned that he was amazed by the away following because everyone had told him that the fans were going to York. Then York came around on the Tuesday night and the fans showed that it was true and just how much dormant potential there is at Lincoln. By amazing the managers again through Saturday’s support it increases the chance of them turning down the inevitable approaches that will come there way in the summer to manage Lincoln’s promotion push in League 2.

Enjoy it. You won’t sleep Friday night. You won’t be able to eat before the game. You’ll probably feel sick during the game. It’s bloody brilliant.


  1. You missed the title of the email: You can’t win a game before kick off, but you can lose it.

    & the apology for getting a bit braveheart.

  2. I agree with Peter’s comments.
    Manchester United are my first team and closely followed by the ‘imps’.
    We need to remain positive and Trust Danny’s judgement and support the team! FGR is a massive game but promotion is still in our hands!
    The loan signing of Harry Anderson could make all the difference in the remaining crucial games?

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