Lincoln Football Magazine Update

As you may recall I a looking at starting a new magazine featuring football in Lincoln. If you missed it my original post is here.

The response to the crowd funder has been superb, and with just a couple of days to go the initial target has been reached. Thank you to everyone who pledged, and those who have selected a reward I’ll be in touch once the campaign has finished.

Initially we’re going to do one print run, and already things are beginning to take shape. If the first edition gets enough interest then we can look at the best way to deliver it on a permanent basis. Here are a few things that I’ll be including in the first issue:

  • The usual Lincoln related content. There will be match reports, a player interview and some exclusive photographs by Imps photographer Graham Burrell.
  • Lincoln United will be covered too. There is a big call for all football within the city to be covered, so we’ll be doing some Lincoln United match reports and hopefully bringing a few match shots as well.
  • Sills and Betteridge Sunday League coverage. I’m hoping to visit a different team each month and gather the stories and characters that help make up the rich tapestry that is our local Sunday league. As well as this we’ll have a results service and the latest league tables.
  • Mid Lincs Youth League coverage. I think photo’s are a problem with kids football, but again hopefully we can bring the latest results, match reports and league tables.
  • Special features: I have a couple of special features planned by other writers as well, so you won’t have to just put up with my stuff!

One thing I am really struggling with is a name, if you have any suggestions please drop me an email on with what you think it should be called and why. I’m sure I can sort a prize out for the winning entry.

I can’t firm up dates as yet but I’d like to get something out by the end of the season. The first edition is always going to be the hardest to put together, and if we do get enough interest then we’re looking at a monthly publication going through next season.

If you are a small business owner, or indeed a larger business owner please do get in touch about advertising opportunities. We’re putting together packages that include dual advertising on the blog as well, and although we have a strategy for pushing the advertising I’m happy to offer discounts for Imps fans who get in early!

I’m also looking at different distribution models, if you think you can help please get in touch.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the survey monkey, I’ve finished going through all of your suggestions now, and it has proven invaluable when trying to put together content.

The crowd funder ends this week, once that has concluded I’ll be able to give you firmer dates. In the meantime thank you for your support with this project and with the blog, it is greatly appreciated.


  1. “A City United” for the title. Mentions both Lincoln clubs and sums up the feeling. We are all wanting the best for all local football in the area.

  2. Great idea. Covers all the things the old Sports Echo used to cover, known as “The Green ‘un”. Saturday teatime ritual of waiting at the local newsagent for it to arrive!

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