Ross Etheridge listed by Doncaster

Ross Etheridge, the keeper who played three games on loan at Lincoln this season, has been transfer listed by his parent club Doncaster Rovers.

Etheridge had a tough start to his Imps career, conceding twice against York in the FA Trophy semi-final at Bootham Crescent. Once the league had been wrapped up he got two more outings, keeping a clean sheet at Maidstone and conceding a late free kick at Southport.

Whilst the York goals were questionable I don’t think he did a bad job of redeeming himself in those last two matches. The pertinent question is; will Danny and Nicky be looking at bringing in a keeper, and if so did Ross do enough to convince them he could do the job?

Doncaster may have transfer listed him, but a source of mine suggests if he were to find a new club there wouldn’t be a transfer fee involved. This ‘source’ is just a Donny fan, I’m not connected in South Yorkshire I’m afraid, but if that were the case it would make his signing more of a possibility.

Ross Etheridge here in the centre celebrating our title win. He is the one that looks like Harry Kane.

Given that we can have seven substitutes in League Two, I think it would be a no-brainer to have a keeper on the bench, and I recall Danny alluding to that earlier in the season. Paul Farman has had a great season but he hasn’t played in the Football League before, and having cover and pressure for a starting place can only be a good thing.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Farms is more-than capable of being our first choice keeper all next season, his performances at Turf Moor and the Emirates showed what a good keeper he is these days. His command of his box has gotten better, and his shot stopping has been wonderful, he definitely saved points for us in the vital run in. However, any aspiring League One club should have two ‘proper’ keepers on their books.

It now wouldn’t surprise me at all to see Ross back at Lincoln. With him being under contract I didn’t think we’d pay a fee for him, but if he can move here for nothing it makes sense. I’m sure I’ve seen him lurking in the background of some of the players Benidorm pictures, and he was highly visible in the post-match celebrations as we were handed to trophy against Macclesfield. Riccardo Calder wasn’t there, but Ross got his moment of applause despite, at the time, having only played one game. He seemed to be integrated into the playing squad, and that is incredibly important to Danny and Nicky.



  1. I think (I stress think) that you’ve got to, rather than choose to, have a keeper as 1 of the 7 subs next season.

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