Angol goes to Mansfield

Now believe me, I am very surprised. I was almost certain we’d struck a deal to sign Angol this summer, and news that he has joined the Stags isn’t well received here in the office.

I believe it might come as a surprise to Danny as well, he spoke after the Southport game of monitoring Angol’s hamstring injury over the summer. I suppose that will be down to Steve Evans and his team now.

Let us be truthful Lee Angol is a very good signing for Mansfield Town, and although I wouldn’t class it as a step up in terms of level, the money they are spending this season is incredible. So far they’ve tempted Zander Diamond, the Northampton captain to Field Mill, they’ve brought Paul Anderson, the former Ipswich winger whom is too good for this level, and now Angol.

I’ve made no secret of the fact I admire Angol. I think he’s a natural finisher with pace to burn. He isn’t afraid to do the hard work, and at no point in the last couple of weeks did I think he would be anything other than a Lincoln City player come August. Six goals from 13 starts was a fair return for him, although I suppose that was three from 12 if you take out his exciting debut hat trick. I’ve seen something on social media describing him as scoring the goals that won us promotion: that’s a bit strong. I do think he came in at a good time, and he did the job Theo Robinson had done alongside Rheady, but he was just one cog in an oiled machine.

What does make me bitter is that Peterborough claimed to have received a bid from us for him, and he thought he could play at a higher level. Now he rocks up at Mansfield which, rich benefactor aside, is a smaller outfit than Lincoln City. Are we now to take his refusal to sign for us as the slur Barry Fry made it sound like?

Last season he was playing in front of 7,000 at Sincil Bank, next season he’ll kick off for a side with an average crowd of 3,700. If it is anything other than money that has drawn him to Field Mill then I’ll be shocked. If he has told Barry Fry he wanted to play higher than us, and then he’s signed for them that (in my mind) is a slur on our club, and it means I’ve lost some of the respect I had for him as a player.

I’m actually gutted, I really thought Angol was going to sign for us and I thought he was just the type of player we needed to push us towards the top of League Two. Now that dislikeable Evans has got his hands on him, and I’m genuinely down hearted about it. How can a player turn down the chance to continue the Cowley revolution to go and work for a manager like Evans?

I’m not going to write anymore because I’m thoroughly pissed off, one because I feel he has slightly insulted our club, and two because he’s proven a theory wrong that I was 99% sure about.


  1. Like you Gary im surprised and alittle disappointed with this news.I do trust the Cowleys implicitly however i hope our wage structure is competitive for a top half league 2 team.

  2. They’ll be other strikers out there. When we lost Theo, Angol came in. Someone will come in and replace him.

    The main positive I take out of it is how exciting it is to even be in this sort of battle for a high quality player. There are many measures of how far we have come in a year but this the latest.

  3. If thats how he thinks, was he right for us in the first place. Rumour has it that his attitude is wrong.

  4. I think Angol will end up regretting this move. He has the athleticism and talent to become a very good player with the right coaching but he certainly isn’t going to get Cowley style coaching at Mansfield. With Evans’ constant ranting and raving style and his hoofball type football I feel it will ruin Angol rather than improve him as a player. Think after half of season of Evans ranting at him he’ll be longing for the Cowley style coaching and nurturing to help him become a better player.

  5. Is Evans at Stags? Whenever I have seen Lee (which was pretty much every Monday afternoon since he arrived) he was aloof at best, maybe shy- but I doubt it or arrogant- because I never once saw him make eye contact, never mind talk to his team mates.
    Nkw I only bring up his personality, because I can’t see him working well with Evans.

  6. I thought Angol was OK, pretty good, decent………. that in my opinion isn’t good enough for the money and wages we’d have to spend to secure his services. I believe there’s better out there. I suspect DC believes that too.

  7. Young, possibly bit naive, bit impressionable, had his head turned by BS and more money by a shyster manager. He did well for us, and I hope it works out for him, but I fear he’s made a big mistake.

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