The Retained List (Part 2)

So earlier I suggested that the retained list might not be out until after the weekend, and four hours later here it is. I also suggested Lee Angol would sign for us permanently in the summer, and today he’s signed for Mansfield. Seems like everything I say is wrong, so just for the record we won’t win League Two next year.

Any surprises on the retained list? The obvious exclusion of news on Bradley Wood is perhaps the one thing everyone is talking about. Now I’ve stayed silent on this and I’m going to continue that stance, but here’s some advice. We know the situation isn’t straight forward, and until either Bradley or the club make a statement, perhaps we should leave it where it is?

The biggest surprise to me was to see Sean Long labelled as a player retained for next season. I know Reading have released him, but there hasn’t been any news of him signing a deal for us, has there? Have I missed something? I’m usually quite attentive when it comes to signing players and all that. It has now been revealed though that he has signed a one-year deal, although news of that hasn’t broken officially.

There weren’t any real shocks on the list, the players who had been part of the promotion party have all been offered deals. Some expressed surprise that Jack Muldoon and Adam Marriott were offered terms, but I think that shows that Danny is a man of his word. He said he would endeavour to reward those who fired us to the title last year, and in the main he has done that. The sentimental part of me is also pleased to see Alan Power has been offered a new deal as well, after six years in the non-league with us I’ll be chuffed to see him in the red and white as a Football League player.

At least in offering Callum Howe a deal we know we’re not pushed to bring in another centre back in a hurry! In Howe, Waterfall and Raggett we have three quality central defenders. That is if Howe signs the new deal, the same goes for Power, Muldoon, Marriott and Richard Walton. I’ve read that Jack Muldoon is interesting Fylde, and if he thinks he’ll get regular football, would you blame him for leaving?

I notice Terry Hawkridge has been offered a new deal as well. Let’s see how that pans out.

I think Lee Beevers being offered a testimonial match is a nice touch. The moment he went to ground against Boreham Wood I wondered if we’d seen the last of him in a City shirt, and sadly it turns out that is the case. Lee had been a revelation in the opening part of this season, and I certainly hope any match we do play for him will be well attended. As for Jamie McCombe, I know he hopes to move into coaching on a permanent basis, but if I’m not mistaken he is based in Harrogate, so maybe it could be a bit far for that role? I hope not, I like Jamie and he’s good to have around the club with all his experience and contacts.

For me (and this may come as a surprise) I think news of Adam Marriott being offered a new deal is really good news. I’ve always rated Adam Marriott as a ‘proper footballer’, and he turned several games he came on in (Ipswich, Tranmere, Guiseley and Torquay). There are question marks over his pace and his fitness, but as a squad player I don’t think we could find a better person. When you see him celebrating the goals as a sub, running the length of the pitch to join in, you get a feel for how committed he is. He might not be a 50 game a season man, but he does have the ability to change things when the chips are down.

So that is the retained list, was it really worth the wait? I’m not sure there was anything too revealing on there, not given that Farms and Luke Waterfall had already signed deals. There is no guarantee the players who have been offered deals will sign them, so in reality all we’ve been told is this: all the young players have been released, all of the senior players have been offered new deals.

So, we’ll now sit and wait ‘patiently’ for news of new signings shall we?