Imps season tickets outsell Coventry City

The Imps are close to selling 4,000 season tickets for the upcoming League Two campaign, and that figure looks set to better any of our rival’s current sales.

Coventry City, arguably the biggest club in the basement division, had sold just over 2,000 tickets after six weeks of sales. The Imps have sold twice that in just four weeks of business. The numbers are that impressive that today the Coventry Telegraph ran a story about how many we had sold!

Cheltenham Town were putting incentives in place today in order to achieve 1,000 sales. Think about that for a moment: the Imps have doubled the current sales of the 1987 FA Cup winners in a shorter space of time, and look set to quadruple the efforts of a medium-sized outfit in this division.

That can only mean one thing, disposable cash for the manager. We know he isn’t going to break the bank in terms of wages, but it might mean he can stretch to a transfer fee or two. It might mean he isn’t afraid to test the tribunal system if a good young player wants away from their parent club.

The sales are also an indication of the support and belief that Danny and Nicky have instilled in the fan base. Last season we had just over 1300 season ticket holders, and that was a fair effort given our previous seasons in the National League. Within twelve months belief have grown so much that we are now selling the sort of numbers that League One clubs would be proud of.

Meanwhile, over at Blunder Park, season tickets have yet to go on sale. Whereas City will know what income can be expected, and how that may impact on the playing budget, our fishy foes are yet to even begin hawking their seats around the general public. One thing is for certain, the battle of attendances between us and them this season will be the closest for years. Let’s face it, the truth is they have always had bigger support than us, but even they will be pushing it to sell 4000 season tickets.

That’s 4000 and counting by the way. I’ve got mine, have you got yours?


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