Over £200 raised for the Future Imps Fund

I pledged to donate a percentage of book sales to the Future Imps fund, and I’m delighted that so far I’ve got £206 to pass on to the club.

The Season in Blogs book is selling well, I’m currently number 7 in the Football Club book chart on Amazon. Number 7! I am a firm believer in passing some profits of anything Lincoln City based to the club, there is far too much stuff suddenly becoming available on the back of our success that does not benefit the red and white army in any way.

My donation roughly equates to 25% of the profits, and at present I haven’t included any Amazon sales in there, so my first donation looks set to top £300. I appreciate it won’t bring in another Nathan Arnold, but it might help towards unearthing the next Lee Frecklington. Our youth set up is vitally important for the longevity of the club, and I’m proud to be a supporter of this great cause.

Not only that, I am also judging the ‘You’re Supposed to be Away’ competition along with Alan Johnson and Ian Plenderleith, a great honour and yet another great fund raiser for the Future Imps fund. Roger Bates has worked tirelessly promoting this great cause, and although we will now receive a degree of funding as we’re a Football League club, it is still important to do anything else we can. Every little helps and all that.

Below are the different ways to buy the book, but please be aware copies through me are becoming very limited indeed. If there is sufficient interest in signed copies I will place a second order, but at present you’ll need to be quick to ensure you secure one from the first print run!

There are two ways to buy

If you’d like to order my latest book, a Season in Blogs, charting the excellent National League winning season, there are two ways to do it.


It is available through Amazon here and for every sale through this medium I will be donating £1 to the Future Imps fund.

Direct from me

You can also order through me directly and get a signed copy. To do that please email gary@staceywest.net with your address, who you’d like it signing to and your preferred payment method. I can accept PayPal, cheque or bank transfer. I’ll reply within 24 hours with confirmation and to collect payment. They’re £13.99 each, plus £4 postage and packaging.

If you haven’t got a copy of the Who’s who of Lincoln City 1993-2016, it is still available through Amazon here.


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  1. Lots of new Imps reading shortly!
    Garys new book! The club review book also plus the away days book!
    Its going to be a busy autumn for reading!

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