If Alex Woodyard goes to Scunthorpe….

It has been reported that Alex Woodyard has been the subject of a bid from Scunthorpe United. If he goes there, I’ll come to every Lincoln game next season with a Grimsby Town scarf wrapped around my neck.

Firstly I assume they’ve brought a significant sum to the table, for Alex I would imagine it would have to be six figures, I’d wager £400,000 as a minimum. I’m not aware of a release clause, and if they want the player I suspect they’ll be drawing out the pound notes. We know they’re not short of a few bob after buying Jonny Margetts to warm the bench when a couple of ten pound cushions would have done the same job.

If, and that is a big if, but if the bid is accepted then the player has to weigh up his options. Scunthorpe are a League One side, just one division above us. In just four months time we could be separated by four or five places if we start well and they start badly. Where is the potential career progression in that? In truth they’re only marginally closer to offering him second tier football than we are.

Alex is a bright boy when it comes to his football career, he’s stuck with Danny and Nicky because he trusts them to develop him further. When looking at Scunthorpe he’ll see a team that wasted Jonny Margetts last season, can they be trusted to manage his future correctly? With him apparently being chased by Villa and Bolton, what on earth would possess him to move to Glumford Park? He might be a much better prospect than Jonny, but history doesn’t shine a favourable light on the set up there.

Obviously this will cause some chatter on social media, people will worry we’re about to lose one of our stars, but if the only team dipping in for him are The Iron, we’re pretty safe in my opinion. They’ve sold less season tickets than us, they take less fans away than us, their ground is worse than ours and aside from a few bob they’re a smaller club.  To worry he is going to go is ludicrous, it’s akin to worrying we weren’t going to sign any players all summer.

Alex Woodyard is a good player, one of the best I’ve ever seen in the midfield at Lincoln City. He will play Championship football at the very least, but there is no assurances that Scunthorpe can offer him that. I can’t see the bid getting past the ‘filed in the bin’ stage, but if it does I think it is a no-brainer for the player. If he is going to leave it won’t be for a club no bigger than ours, that is for sure.

So if he signs for Scunthorpe United, get ready to see me floating about in the coop upper stand with an expensive black and white bog roll around my neck. Also you’ll be able to check out pigs flying, Steve Evans winning Slimmer of the Year and Forest Green’s players sitting down with Dale Vince to a 18 ounce mixed grill.


  1. It’s Glanfird park by the way not Glumford !! Mr Hawkridge soon jumped ship to fecking Notts county ? I suspect the wages we can offer won’t see him being an Imp much longer

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