Discord at Field Mill as fans get agitated early.

After our 3-1 win in the FLT last night, Mansfield Town fans have started to vent their frustration at their controversial manager, Steve Evans. Given the level of investment and the pre-season hype, it was always likely things would turn early.

In fact in the magazine A City United predicted this exact outcome a month ago, as shown below. The pressure is increasing on Evans, big investment always brings big expectation, whether from the owners or the fans. With the money spent their fans expect a reserve team that is organised, competitive and able to compete with fringe players from clubs at the same level. Last night, with the greatest of respect, Mansfield fans felt cheated, and they’ve every right to.

It seems that yours truly has been writing self-fulfilling prophecy recently! Below is a sample of messages left on stagsnet since last night.

“The one who needs to give his head a shake is Mr Evans. If he thinks that people can afford to spend money on games that we aren’t going to compete in then that needs addressing. If that’s his attitude then he needs to advise the paying customers as to when and where the team will perform. It’s a competitive first team game which can generate extra income and further increase the morale of all associated with the club. If it is an unwanted game why enter the competition (unless they have to enter it).

Mr Evans states that this was a squad game and we had made numerous changes but so had Lincoln, they just wanted it more and seemed to have a plan – we didn’t want it and didn’t have a plan. I will admit that some of the early play was very good but that just makes the second half performance even worse. Only Pearce, Potter and Macdonald came out of the game with any credit in my opinion.”

“The Fat Controller has been given an expensive train set to play with and needs to start producing results. His record in August reads: Played 6 Won 1, Drawn 2, Lost 3. He needs to start bringing home those bags of coal..”

“Thanks Steve. Now you have told me that this is not a priority, (we are out of the Carabao Cup already, I believe), I won’t bother spending my time/emotional energy, or paying more money to go to the other games in this trophy. I would also be very grateful if you would take the time out of your very busy and important life to let me know if we are going to bother with the FA Cup. Mind you, perhaps you are going to opt out of the FA Cup this year and go to South America like your best mate did.

Let’s face this, I am not sure if MTFC is big enough for your ego, considering the mighty Rotherham, Leeds, et al.

I seriously hope I am wrong about you. If I am right, you will have put my club back 5/10 years. If not, I will very, very gladly give £1,000 to a proper local charity, should we get promoted whilst you are in charge.”

“I’d assume the barometer of a strong squad are performances/results in cup games that aren’t a priority, yet losing at home to Rochdale & Lincoln in the 2 cup games so far this season means the results in cup competitions are on a par with times in the last 15 years when the squad wasn’t as strong and deep – and in some cases, downright rubbish, so maybe the squad it isn’t as strong as we are led to believe. It’s early days, but from my ‘perspective’ I was hoping for something that showed that this regime were clearly different from before.”

“I wish I’d not taken the competition seriously, just as Evans did. I could have saved myself £15 plus the petrol and a 30 mile round trip. Not pleased that he’s taking us for mugs and I fully understand why some might vent their displeasure.”



  1. what unconfined joy and pleasure we imps must take from this .
    It will soon be time to start picking up all those toys being thrown from the proverbial Evans pram .
    He really does set himself up for these almighty falls.
    Wonder if he is already planning his excuses for the defeat at the bank in a couple of weeks , bound to say we dominated them but still lost 5-0 .
    Don’t know which is bigger his ego or his rotund shape .

  2. if all this fan stuff was going on at LCFC I would be very upset. Crikey….we’ve only just started and they are already at it. You reap what you sow!

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