Imperfect Focus – Order Now!

After a couple of weeks of teasers and suspense, both Bubs and I are delighted to be able to announce our collaborative book ‘Imperfect Focus’ is available to order now. Read on to discover how you can not only order the book, but how you’ll be helping the Future Imps Fund and, if you’re quick, you can get your hands on an exclusive Bubs print.

Christmas is a busy time and those Imps fans will all be wanting something special. If you know one relative has already got your favourite Imps fan the Impvasion book (a wise choice), then fear not. If you’ve asked Mum for that book and now you want to tap up Dad for an Imps-related present, we’ve got you covered too.

Bubs and I have put together something very special that will appeal to Imps fans of all ages. ‘Imperfect Focus’ is a pictorial walk through Lincoln City’s recent history, from administration in 2002 through to the present day. We’ve been trawling Bubs’ hard-drives, scouring his back-catalogue of shots to put together a rich and varied group of pictures. We’ve got great photos of Richard Butcher, Simon Yeo, Gary Taylor-Fletcher and all of Keith’s heroes. We’ve got Patulea and Somma, Boyce and Kovacs, Burch and Marriott. We’ve even got some crowd shots from the last sixteen years too, some really ropey haircuts are included!

Here’s something else: we’ve even trawled through the pictures to bring you shots taken in four grounds that no longer exist. We’ve genuinely left no stone unturned in putting together a remarkable collection of pictures. I’ve even thrown several thousand words in too, just to get my name on the cover also.

Now, here’s a couple of really important bits. Firstly, we’re going to donate 10% of all the profits to the Future Imps Fund. As with my Season in Blogs book, both Bubs and I feel it is very important to give something back to the club. The future of this club isn’t just in new stadiums and nice training grounds, it is in the young people we bring through, not just the likes of Ellis Chapman, but also those young kids hoping to make it in the game. Maybe in thirty years time we’ll be putting books out with pictures of them in.

Secondly, you need to be swift. Bubs, the kind soul that he is, has decided to give away 200 limited prints, one to each of the first 200 people to order the book before November 19th. It might be of the current squad, it might be something a little older, but if you’re one of the first 200 people to order through the website in the next fortnight, then you’ll get an extra something in the package, something money can’t buy.

We’re offering two ways to buy and collect. Firstly, you can order the book without postage for collection on December 16th. The book is £16, a bargain for full-colour 10×8, and we’ll be in Lincoln on the day we play Accrington Stanley organising collections.

For an extra £3 we’ll post the book out to you, that will be on December 8th to allow for Christmas postage. Of course, we’re happy to post out to whoever you’re buying for if it is a gift, we might even be able to gift-wrap it for you. That’s if my other half will do it, my wrapping looks like it’s been unwrapped and re-wrapped ten times over.

Both items are on the shop right now, so you can get in early. We do anticipate this going really quickly, it is a unique and exciting product. Expect it to be pushed heavily on here and social media over the coming few weeks.