Happy Birthday Keith

This is not a post I’m going to share on social media or push around touting for clicks and likes.

Just a Happy Birthday to the man who restored pride in our football club after a dismal turn of the century, a man who made me believe anything is possible in football and a man who was a pioneer of the game on so many levels.

I wrote a far more wordy tribute last year here. This year I just wanted to let him know I’ll raise a glass this evening and remember the good things he did for my football club.

Gone, never forgotten.


  1. Remember meeting Keith for the first time in 1993 when I stood patiently waiting for him and Tony Lormor to sign my autograph book at a pre-season open day as a young fan. The biggest compliment you could pay KA is that through the years he never changed and he was alway amiable and friendly with that infectious smile. RIP Keith.

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