Prediction League Latest Matches & Format Change

At the bottom of this piece you’ll find the latest matches in the prediction league. Get those picks in!

I’ve had lots of messages from people wanting to play the prediction league who are too far behind through starting late, so I’ve come up with a format to keep everyone happy.

The current league will end on December 31st, with the top team winning a half yearly prize. In addition, the top five players will be put forward for the end of season play-off league. On January 1st the scores will be reset and we’ll go again until the end of the season, where a second half-yearly prize will be up for grabs.

The top five in both pools will qualify for a super special ‘Play Off’ prediction league extravaganza. I’m not quite sure what the prize will be for that yet, but there will be something up for grabs along with the title of ‘Prediction League Master’.

The first-yearly prize is a retro Imps away shirt, which I expect I can get signed by some of the current squad if you so wish. The second yearly prize is likely to be the same, albeit a different shirt so if you win the first part, the second is still worth gunning for!

Understood? No? Just keep predicting then and if you’re any good, you’ll win something!

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