Frecklington at a book signing, what can it mean?

In short, nothing.

Yesterday Lee Frecklington was kind enough to attend a signing of Impvasion at the local WH Smiths in town. Josh Vickers was there too, as was Harry Anderson. However, it was our former hero’s appearance that got tongues wagging on social media.

I’m perhaps a little to blame, those that do read my blog regularly will be aware I rather cheekily linked him with us earlier in the season. That was on the back of rumours circulating that he might be coming back. After all, he lives just outside Lincoln I believe and has spoken in the past of a desire to wear the red and white again one day. I recall Richard Butcher saying the same thing once before and he did come back in the end.

That said, I don’t think Lee’s appearance last night can be viewed as anything more than a footballer helping out his old club. There are some stories in there of matches he played in, so his presence was relevant. As I understand it, there were a couple of other former Imps approached through the Former Players Association, but availability this close to christmas was an issue. Freck was available and accepted the invite to help out.

I would love to think he was down at the club discussing terms when he was asked, but he wasn’t. I’d relish the thought he was in constant contact with our management through a desire to play for us once again and who knows, he might be. I just don’t think him being there last night tells us anything we don’t already know.

What do we already know though? That a talented footballer, a man who has played most of his career outside the bottom division, is living near to the city? That the same player, a former youth team product who went on to be a brilliant player, still holds a candle of affection for the club? They’re both established facts. If Mansfield, Chesterfield and City all tabled similar offers in January, I don’t think there’s any doubt where he’d want to go. The likelihood of Steve Evans tabling a similar offer to anyone is slim though, after all he does like to throw his wallet around and if Lee Frecklington, a former play of his, was available he’d want first dibs. Think Lee Angol all over again.

Will Lee be on the move in January? Would our budget match his expectations? Could he be squeezed into our side? Which Lee am I talking about? Ok, Frecklington, there’s no doubt he’d add something we don’t have, an attack minded midfielder oozing experience and class, but he won’t be on the move for a pittance and that might be a stumbling block.

Whatever happens I think we should all respect him attending las night to help out the Future Imps Fund at the book signing. Clearly he’s still a top lad and wherever he goes, he’ll always be in Imps fans hearts one way or another.