Imps sell out initial Coventry allocation

3,000 tickets sold for our debut trip to the Ricoh Arena. That is three thousand Lincoln City fans travelling over to watch the important promotion clash, a phenomenal figure that only serves to underline the club’s transformation in recent seasons.

From 2012 until 2016 we had less fans at home games, averaging under 3,000 in all three seasons. We all know that something unique has happened at the club, that due to Danny and Nicky’s management we’ve taken off and surpassed all of our wildest dreams, but I’m still amazed whenever figures like this come out. We took 4,000 to Notts County, will we take more to Coventry? Surely, we the best supported side home and away in the league this season, taking out the ticket offers by Coventry and Notts County which have boosted their home figures.

I’m never one who is critical of the new and returning fans and I’m often left bemused by our rivals who feel they can taunt us because we have a poor fan base when we were in the National League. I defy any team to keep attendances high when having to watch the absolute dross Steve Tilson served up. We were in a rut and the diehards stuck by the club. Now, we’re on a high and we’re attracting new fans. When the inevitable decline happens, as it does at all clubs at some time, many more diehards will have been born out of this run.

Everyone has to start following a club somewhere, be it in 1986 as we got beat by Hartlepool or 2016 as we beat Oldham. There’s no shame in finding the club again thanks to our recent upturn in form, none what so ever. We should be proud that the beast has awoken and now we’re taking more to a former Premier League club than they brought to us. Okay, allocations are a little different, but we’re going to be the only visiting team at the Ricoh Arena this year who have actually done it justice.

I’m told we’re going back for another allocation and sadly, thanks to the spilt between Cov fans and the stadium owners, we’ll probably be allowed as many as we want. Whilst we should be delighted at where we are going, we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact many Cov fans won’t be there due to the ongoing boycott of the Ricoh Arena. Also, we should be respectful of the fact they’re at their lowest point right now, they’re ‘enduring’ League Two for the first time in decades, much as we were when we rotted away in the National League. I know football is all about provoking responses from other fans, but Coventry fans are the same as us, their team is in decline and that isn’t something we should celebrate. Perhaps on 90 minutes if we’ve won, but not at the fact their club is being destroyed from within. We owe them too, they took all three points earlier in the season after a fine display (pictured top).

If you haven’t yet got a ticket, don’t worry. I’m sure the club are working fervently on obtaining and releasing a second allocation. For those of you that have, I’ll see you there! Up the Imps!

Top ten League Two average attendances this season.

Coventry City 8,842
Lincoln City 8,587
Luton Town 8,508
Notts County 7,628
Swindon Town 6,523
Chesterfield 5,166
Port Vale 4,645
Carlisle United 4,602
Cambridge United 4,488
Wycombe Wanderers 4,388