SW Quiz #183 – Another team photo

Yesterday’s quiz was, somehow, the most popular ever with 885 of you taking it so far! I guess you must like these quizzes, so here’s another team photo with a few unfamiliar faces.

I take these quizzes myself before I look at the player’s names and I’m ashamed to say I got 17 from 29 today. If that was an exam it would be 58%, that isn’t a pass at GCSE. Gutted.

Can you do any better? The team photo was taken at the start of the 1980/81 season and hidden amongst those legends are a few anonymous faces whom I hadn’t even heard of before. All off the coaching staff are included as well as the YTS players. If he’s in the picture, he’s an answer. Good luck.


  1. 21 must admit some of the lesser known players I cannot even remember been at the club keep these coming Gary this is a great feature.

  2. 19/29 , 2 were guesses though. My first season – 9 years old. I thought you had a pitch invasion at the end of every season !

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