Awful outing, but keep your heads: Imps 1-4 Crewe

I’m not going to write a lot tonight. It is my Mum’s 60th and I’m due out in a short while. It isn’t reflective of the fact we got hammered, I’m not fair weather nor do I shy away from the facts.

We were bloody awful today. There was no clear game plan, no cohesion, no urgency and genuinely nothing to cheer. From start to finish there was a flat atmosphere, everything about the afternoon screamed ‘dead rubber’. It wasn’t a dead rubber, there was lots to play for and yet we didn’t appear to be interested at all.

That’s not to say we weren’t interested, something went wrong today, something fundamental. I’m not going to say there’s an on going problem, I’m not going to say ‘it needs sorting’, I’m not going to lose my head. Don’t get me wrong, I’m gutted at today’s game. I’ve never seen such a dismal outing from a Cowley side. I dare wager the manager has never presided over such a shambles.

We’re still eighth, albeit a few more points outside the play off places now. We’re not tumbling down the league like Grimsby, we’re not marooned in obscurity and we’re not collapsing. For some to claim the wheels have come off is absurd, we all called tenth as a good finish at the start of the season and we’re still exceeding that. Please, keep some perspective.

To see fans streaming out when Crewe scored their fourth was incredibly disappointing. We’re eighth, why on earth do some feel the need to abandon hope at such an early stage?

What does worry me immensely is this competition we seem to have going on amongst the fans, the constant one-upmanship and berating of each other. You’d think we were relegation fodder the way we’re always at each other’s throats. I won’t be on social media tonight, but I logged on just before writing this and the same doom and gloom merchants are revelling in the defeat, the same arguments are firing across the keyboards. I find it desperately sad that the first sign of defeat some people believe their vitriol is justified.

That said, to see fans streaming out when Crewe scored their fourth was incredibly disappointing. We’re eighth, why on earth do some feel the need to abandon hope at such an early stage? I’ve left early once, when we lost 6-0 to Rotherham. By early I mean twenty minutes or so, to leave today was really poor by a large portion of fans. However, if you pay your money I suppose you have the right to go when you want, but it really isn’t a nice sight for the players, manager or fans. Sure, we could argue that the players didn’t do anything to keep fans there, but come on, leaving with 20 minutes to go when we’re still in the play off hunt?

I get criticised because I often exude double standards and I suppose I’m doing it a bit today. On one hand I’m saying we should be united, on the other I’m calling out those who left early. I left with a minute to go, but with it being Mum’s party we had to in order to get a jump on the traffic. You know what? I felt awful about it.

I’m really upset that the Checkatrade Trophy final is being cited as a negative aspect to the season as well. Whatever your politics, making the final of a competition is wonderful for the club and should be cherished. It has no relevance today, we were awful but it was a one off.

I don’t have time to dissect the game, sadly. I will say I thought Matt Green had a decent game, Bozzie had a good first half and that was about it. In almost every other area we were second best, passes went astray, there was no movement, no fluidity to our game and nothing to cheer. I even felt the response to our goal was muted, as soon as it went in fans streamed off to do their half time bits, ten minutes left on the clock. Something felt wrong today, hopefully we can just put it behind us.

 It isn’t time to panic, we’ll be a league club next season and we’re building for the future. If it doesn’t happen this season we must remember how far we’ve come and the potential we have.

Next weekend is huge now, we need a result at Coventry to keep us in the frame, but if we don’t get it we must retain some perspective. This club is on a journey and all journeys have their ups and downs. We’ve conceded seven in two games, coming on the back of some stellar defensive performances. It isn’t time to panic, we’ll be a league club next season and we’re building for the future. If it doesn’t happen this season we must remember how far we’ve come and the potential we have.

I haven’t seen City lose4-1 at home for an awful long time, once upon a time it was regular. It hurts right now, it is a stark reminder of what things used to be like. This isn’t the norm, even if we fall short this season we are not in a spiral going down the plug like our friends up the A46.

Please before you get embroiled in heated arguments tonight, think. before you type out you’re statuses berating other fans, January transfer windows or the like, think. Instead of turning the computer on, maybe have a beer and just wallow in the misery of defeat. We’ve not lost like that at home for a long while but Danny will be putting it right. It hurts, but we just have to swallow it and move on. I won’t say ‘we go again’ because it is a cliché that really gets under my skin, but we have to accept this afternoon as a one off.

It doesn’t make it easy to deal with, but nothing is going to be corrected by arguing with each other in the stands, on social media or even in the pub.


  1. Hordes of fans didn’t leave on the 4th goal- a few did and that is their choice. 99% stayed until around 2 minutes to go- disappointing result but not the end of the world.

    First half 1-1 was ok (not great but ok). 2nd half was very poor.

    Not the day we expected, not the day we wanted but everyone else around us seemed to miss out as well so all is not lost yet

  2. Today was a horror show but over the years supporting City these sort of performances were commonplace. It was the first real test for our increased fan base and it was disappointing to see so many throw the towel in. We ask for grit, resilience, a winning mentality from our player’s and Manager but this is a two way street and not everyone stepped up to the plate. We’re not in the dark days of Admin, our club has been futureproofed for a significant period going further. It’s not always going to be champagne football and winning. Yes there are things to fix but we are moving forward and can’t ask for much more than what the last 18 months have provided.

  3. Some will say it’s a one off but the realist will say we have not been performing well for a while (Chelsea game excepted) we are, where we are in the table because it doesn’t lie. We are not creative enough going forward and the better sides know how to play us.
    Crewe were the worst team to visit Sincil Bank this season so it shows how poor we were to lose to them today. However we need to put this result to bed and face up to the Mansfield and Coventry in the next two weeks where we will find out the truth of how short we are in this league. Despite witnessing the worst officiating this season at least they had no bearing on the result.

  4. Lincoln fans have always had a weird tendency to fall out. I remember watching Lincoln fans come to blows away at Notts County in the 1990s because some were singing for the manager to go and others were singing his name.

    I think sometimes people need to step back and realise it is just a game. What matters to me today is that I took my five year old daughter to her first game and she loved it. She doesn’t care we lost, she enjoyed seeing the 617 jumping up and down, eating a giant hot dog at half time and thought our “big hairy” player was fab. She can’t wait to go again.

    • I love the story about your daughter’s first game. What is it about Bozzie? My son (5) and daughter (8) both love him to bits and I’m not sure the appreciate the subtle benefits of having a calm yet battling midfielder!

  5. That’s been coming for a while.
    Don’t know what’s gone on or why, but I reckon this is the toughest spell for the Cowleys in their career.
    It’s not working at the minute, but they’re big enough to recognise it & rectify it, I’m sure.

    • Think it boils down to the fact that we recruited badly in January Danny Rowe apart , all the others including frecklington no better than what we have ,

  6. One flake of snow doesn’t make a winter, having said that it was certainly cold enough today.
    1. As a team Lincoln didn’t show up
    2. Individuals didn’t show up, Freck wasn’t himself, neither was Rheady and I’m not singling them out, there were others.
    3. Credit to Crewe, they did a Lincoln on us, every time the ball went near a Lincoln player there appeared to be 3 Crewe players around, they closed us down and stopped us playing.
    4. As I feared, our small but quality squad is exposed due to injuries.
    I have to say the week off hasn’t benefitted us today, may be 2 games a week like last season better helps our focus and application.
    HOWEVER, just outside the playoffs, booked in for a Wembley final and a good number of games still to play already points to a successful first season back in the League proper!
    There are so called fans in the crowd, some of them senior citizens who patently know very little about the game of football but appear to think that they know more than the Cowleys and are very vocal and negative about virtually all aspects of the team, tactics and efforts of the players. Only my opinion but LCFC do not need this type of fan, they would be better employed staying away and stewing in their own juices. When everything is so bad at Sincil Bank games I do wonder why they bother to turn up!!

  7. We’re having a bad spell yes and it’s been a while since the last one. We’ve injuries and new players to integrate. Be patient, it will come right. Maybe not in time to make a difference this season but we’ve a strong squad spine to build on come the summer as Gary said recently. And who knows if we just stop holding on too tight, there maybe something left in this season.

    One thing worries me; so much comes from confidence and belief and as fans we have fuelled that positively for the management team until now. If the tide turns for the worse on the pitch we have to continue to show confidence and belief in them and the players. The last thing they need is the extra burden of negativity and worse vitriol from 8000+.

  8. With the greatest of respect Gary, I feel like you’ve written a couple of paragraphs about fans leaving early with very little nod to those who stayed and applauded their team off even after that performance. Now I’m not one for exuding positivity all the time (and after that performance…) but giving all the time to the fans who left makes that the story of this game. More fans stayed and continued to support their team even with that dross.

    Anyway, I’d be happy for a tenth place finish this season and a proper run at promotion next year.

    • Possibly have, but to be fair it was both the leaving early and reaction to it that has wound me up. Some of the stuff I’m hearing after the game is shocking from both sides

      • People who leave early are not proper fans. Some of these people need to grow up or stop coming. When your team is losing by that score at home and there are only a few minutes to go , it was just wonderful to hear the fans continuing to sing and get behind the players and the management. Where else does that happen? I do not buy into the ‘you pay your money….you have aright to leave argument. If you are a proper fan then you support the club through thick and thin. I will be there at coventry and any other game I can get to between now and the end of the season whatever our situation. Thought Danny wore his heart on his sleeve in his post match interview. Top man.

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