SW Quiz #186 – Classic 90’s Team Photo

How many players can you name from the start of John Beck’s first full season in charge?

There’s some ‘household’ names on there, players who went on to be City legends. Then there’s the others, the ones who make the quiz difficult. Everyone knows Stuart Bimson, but can you name the trialist on the verge of a deal who never actually played?

As usual, click on play, the green box disappears and a white box replaces it. Type your answers in the white box. Surnames are allowed but please don’t think the quiz is broken because it won’t accept you spelling ‘Beck’ without the K. It’s not broken! Also, the positions are done to the best of my ability, some players did play midfield and forward, so do be aware of that. Today’s is straight forward though.



  1. 21 for me. I never realised Gowshall used to be on our books. Some cracking players in that squad… Ainsworth, Austin, Holmes, Fleming, Richardson, Whitney, Bimmo and Thorpe. Used to like Steve Brown for his whole-hearted effort up top.

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