SW Imps XI Left Back – *HAVE YOUR VOTE*

The Stacey West XI is proving to be controversial already, but any vote like this is meant to promote debate, discussion and memories. I actually started it to distract from the bickering and tension of Wembley and the play off race. Thus far, we’re not doing too badly.

At present we have our keeper, Alan Marriott and he’s now been joined at right back by Neal Eardley. Very soon we move on to the controversial centre backs pairing, but first, who will be on the left side of defence?

City have had some fine left backs over the years, from the powerful George Peden to the succinct yet arrogant Sean Newton. I know that right now, someone is cursing me mentioning those two names in the same breath. Sorry!

Who gets your vote? We have a shortlist of 11, one of which is Aaron Brown, so we’ll effectively call it ten. Will the current incumbent, Sam Habergham get the vote? Or did enough people pay attention before the Ipswich game to ensure we get a different face?

I’ve picked three of the front runners to preview over the next three pages before you get your chance to have your say. The voting will run until Friday when the winner is finally announced.

Before I preview the three favourites, here are the other candidates:

Stuart Bimson – a left back of limited quality from Keith Alexander’s era, he made the most of what he had with committed displays.

George Peden – Hugely popular Scot who featured 223 times in a seven year spell.

Jon Whitney – Another uncomplicated soul, he featured heavily under John Beck and later managed Walsall.

Jeff Smith – Made 315 outings between 1958 and 1967, will suffer from being of a certain era but deserves his spot on the poll

Aaron Brown – One of the Magnificent Seven whom I’m sure is a joke entry

Shane Nicholson – A cultured and talented youth from Collingham who went on to play in the upper echelons of the Football League

Sean Newton – As sweet a left foot as we’ve seen in years. don’t judge him on his personality, he was a great left back

Sam Habergham – If he needs introducing, you’ve clicked on here by mistake


  1. Without a doubt Geoff Smith, would have played higher than the old league 2 but I believe was happy to stay part time with City whilst running his own chicken farm near Sheffield.

  2. George Peden, if only for his penalty taking, could not half hit a ball.
    Mind you he was one tough full back.

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