End of season book 2017/18 – How you can get involved

Following on from the awfully titled ‘Season in Blogs’ last campaign, I’ve been asked to put together another book featuring the best blogs from the site this time around.

You may remember last season we raised money for the Future Imps Fund and we’ll be donating to good causes again this time around. We’re going to announce a little more on that shortly, but this season we’ll split the benefits between two charities.

Anyway, the progress of the book is a little slower than I’d have liked due to this silly back operation thing, but it’s coming along. Last season I asked for you to add your names to the front if you read the blog as a permanent reminder in print that you were a fan. This season I’m going one further.

I’d like a few of you to write a couple of paragraphs about why the blog is important to you. I get so many lovely messages from all over the world, with just as many from within a couple of miles of the ground, all praising the site for many different reasons. As I intend these books to be snapshots in time, I’d like to include a bit from you, the readers. After all, without you I’m just a bloke who writes too much.

Would you like to be involved? Just write a few bits about why the Stacey West is important to you, why you like the site or what it offers you different to elsewhere, and I’ll strive to include it in the season review. If you want to suggest a better title too, please do!

I’ve already hooked up with a local school for some children to have input into the front cover, they’ve seen some of Graham Burrell’s pictures and have recreated them for the front cover. Their teacher, Becca Miller, told me they would often bug her during lessons to check if I’d done another blog, so it seems fitting to get them involved too.

I love doing the end of season book, from a personal point of view it brings my writing together in one place for people to enjoy, but also it produces a physical product that, once I’ve stopped doing the site, will serve as permanent reminder for generations to come not just what the results were, but how the season evolved from the fans viewpoint.

Please, do get involved. They’re not available to order yet, I’ll announce that in a couple of days time once I can spend more time in front of a computer, but until then drop your Stacey West testimonials to gazhutch88@gmail.com.