Could this League Two defender be on the Imps radar?

I’m on News Now, as you know, so I have to be careful to substantiate any rumours that I put on here. I tend to steer away from those completely wild ‘Ricky Miller’s at the Bentley’ posts, but if Tom Hopper is at David Lloyd’s and there’s picture evidence, that’s ok.

Last night I was chatting to a friend of mine down in the south-west about players, transfers and the like. He’s a Glovers fan, for those who don’t know that means Yeovil Town. He’s a bit upset because their three main players all look likely to up and leave this summer. One has already been the subject of a bid by a ‘high ranking League Two team’. Guess who he has been told that is?

Usually I’d keep this on the burner to myself, maybe drop him in with a list of other players to see how it was taken, but the more I dig the more I wonder how true this might be. He’s not a usual source, not someone prone to bringing wild and fanciful stories to the table, so I thought I’d have a quick look at the player in question, Omar Sowunmi.

Firstly, let’s keep news now happy, shall we? Here’s the Darren Wray article admitting Sowunmi has been the subject of phone calls and might well be leaving the club, and here is the January article where a ‘League Two’ rival was mentioned. He did miss the end of season game after a red card, so Imps fans will only have seen him if they went to Huish Park in December. Danny and Nicky might have seen him elsewhere though, maybe at Lowestoft Town or Braintree, both clubs he spent time at whilst they were with Concord Rangers.

What the lad has in abundance, and what we love to see at the back, is his height. He’s 6ft 6in and isn’t shy at getting on the end of a header or two. I could just see us running one of our set pieces and this huge great guy getting a good seven and a half feet in the air to nod the ball back into the danger zone. There are reports of him scoring headers for Lowestoft and, as he was on loan from Ipswich at the time, our manager is going to know all about him.

He’s played 68 games for Yeovil during a three season stay, scoring five times. He’s 22-years old and therefore would command a fee if we were to sign him. He’s been offered a new deal with the Glovers, but looks unlikely to accept it.

We are currently in the market for a centre half, maybe even two. I suspect Michael Bostwick will be used in midfield next season, especially if rumours of a high-profile departure turn out to be true, meaning our only two centre halves are James Wilson and Luke Waterfall. Luke had to win Danny over at the start of the campaign and James Wilson has yet to settle into his stride, so I’m sure Danny wants a third centre half to increase competition. Scott Wharton is unlikely to return and despite what everyone hopes, Sean Raggett is unlikely to be back either.

Fraser Franks has been mentioned a few times and he’s someone I’ve championed for a long while. I do know we had a bid turned down last year for him, but he can also operate at right back. That is at odds with Sean Long being offered a deal though, but if Danny is hoping to operate on a squad of 22 then he’s going to need versatility.

Sowunmi brings a ‘Dion Dublin’ style versatility too, something I believe Danny would like very much; he’s also a centre forward. He’s one of those unique players that can play at the back or up front and although you don’t want to rely on that solely, we used to see Keith stick his big lad up top for the last ten minutes of games. The more I look into Sowunmi, the more I think he’d be a great fit for us. Seriously, 6ft 6in, if we’re going to be labelled a direct side we may as well bring in the artillery to back it up!

I did watch the FA Cup game against Manchester United and I thought he acquitted himself well enough against the Premier League runners-up, as well as a League Two defender is expected to. His late sending off in the clash with Mansfield in the penultimate game of the season was born of frustration, two silly yellow cards after the Glovers twice threw away a lead. One match doesn’t mean he has a temperament problem though.

I know there’s some of you who love the speculation, there are others who think ‘arm chair pundits’ like me would be better spending or time crocheting or mowing the lawn. All I’m doing is bringing some speculation, it’s what the newspapers used to do before they starting reading blogs and rehashing their material three hours later. There’s no solid suggestion that it is us in for Sowunmi, but there are rumours, there are reports from Yeovil and enough to speculate it might be doable. He would certainly be an interesting addition to the squad, if only watching him trying to duck into our ridiculously low dug outs at some point.





  1. Hahaha, I love the idea of you crocheting Gary! Maybe you should do it for charity, Macmillan Nurses perhaps, I for one will sponsor you!

  2. Speaking to Yeovil fans at sinny bank on the last day of the season they seemed to infer he was heading foŕ pastures new and that was to be the IMPS from a rumour in their networks .
    Wait and see !

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