Stacey West XI Wingers – More nominations

I thought we’d done this to death, but after going back through the Tweets last night it appears we’ve not finished, not by a long shot. There are still twelve nominations left, six of which we’ll look at today.

After that we’ll do the last four and then the vote, finally.

Before we go any further, let’s clear up a couple of points of business. George Shipley – not a winger. Sorry if you nominated him, we put it to a Twitter vote and he was definitely a midfielder. Sorry.

Secondly, Gordon Hobson. Great player, one who is bound to be right up there for the striker role, but sadly you voted not to include him with the wingers either. That’s going to leave the strikers role jam-packed, but I’ve got something a little special planned for that – you’ll see.

However, one of the players we had some doubt over has been defined as a winger by you lot and we’ll start with him today. He’s a home-grown winger who went onto play for England B, ply his trade in the Premier League and even spend time in America. Not bad for one of Keith’s class of ’93.



  1. What!!! Not a mention of Gordon Hughes. The wee man we bought from Derby. Now there was a winger. Ask your Dad…Or maybe someone older about him.

  2. Re Danny N’Guessan, remember a night game at the Bank, he came on as a second half sub.
    As he came on I said, which Danny is it tonight? cart horse or thoroughbred? After is first touch, cart horse it is then.
    Had the skill but so frustrating!

  3. The reason David Johnson didn’t suit John Beck was because he couldn’t head the ball despite being at least 6ft, which was also the reason he was usually played out wide. A talented player who should have done better.

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