The Stacey West Striker’s World Cup Starts Today

With World Cup fever gripping the nation, what better way to decide who the striker pairing in our Stacey West XI is than a World Cup?

We’ve been amassing a collection of strikers you’ve seen play for City over the past few weeks and now we’re ready to do the World Cup. It would be too time consuming to do it as individual ‘matches’, so you’ll be given the group and one single vote for one player. The player with the most votes from that group advances to the knockout stages.

We had 30 nominations and, as with any World Cup, there were some really strong names. There weren’t quite as many minnows though, so to make this work properly I’ve thrown in a couple who are not likely to win it, I wonder if you’ll guess who they are?

There will be eight groups of four, A to H, following exactly the same path as the real World Cup. The winner of A plays the runner up in B, etc.

Simple? It is to me. All you need to do is study the groups, pick your favourite from those four and then wait for the next group.

In order to make this completely fair and interesting, I shall be doing the draw on a daily basis, and putting the video online below. So, on with today’s draw.

(I am aware the light is rubbish on the video, but I’ll learn from that tomorrow)

On the next page – the players competing in Group A


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  1. Mea culpa. Most stars are born inside great clouds of gas and dust which undergo gravitational collapse but Tony Woodcock emerged from the stellar nursery we know as Sincil Bank. Those four games were enough to demonstrate his enormous promise, a potential amply fulfilled, as his playing record illustrates.

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