Akinde delay could be a million things, not all of them bad

Increasingly over the last couple of days, I’ve received messages from people about the John Akinde deal. Some are questions asking what is going on, sadly I’m no more informed than any of you right now.

I’ve received screenshots too, personal messages between people and their ‘sources’ stating the deal is off. I’ve received copies of tweets from ex agents saying Wimbledon are back in for him, Barnet fans messages saying he’s staying down south, people in Lincoln who have seen him on the ground, other saying he left having failed a medical. It seems John Akinde is omnipotent and as recognisable as the Queen.

What I find even more remarkable is the number of people who know what is going on in the transfer, from a 16-year old student in Barnet to a Suffolk-based ex agent with three Twitter followers. How on earth are these people more knowledgable than say, Michael Hortin or Mark Whiley? The answer is, they’re not. It’s mostly lies, speculation and wind-ups.

I’m not saying the deal is going ahead, I’m not saying it isn’t, but I am firmly stating there are a hundred reasons why there might be a delay. after all, do you think this all started last week when the bid was accepted? If you do, you’re wrong. It is my understanding that negotiations over fees have been going on much, much longer and therefore the second part of the deal is likely to follow suit. A transfer deal is not a case of writing a number on a but of paper and either saying yes or no. Similarly, it isn’t as simple as him either wanting to play here or not.

Let’s think about this for a second. Let’s assume talks were advanced, he came to look around the ground, training ground and meet a few people. The rest of the squad are over in Spain, what if he wanted to chat to Danny about the club’s direction. Sure, he could do it on the phone, but if it is such a big decision, which it is, would he not rather do that in person? That could easily be one reason for the delay.

Assuming he has a young child, maybe he’s investigating schooling before he commits to anything? That wouldn’t be a simple phone call either, he might want to check out the school, make sure it is right for baby Akinde. Your child’s education is not something to be decided by a figure written on a piece of paper, is it?

Maybe his other half is looking to move her job down here and before he says yes he wants to make sure that is possible? I don’t know these things, but they are reasons there might be a delay, over and above wage demands. It might be they’re investigating house prices, seeing if it is worth them selling up down in Kent or simply renting their house out. I know first hand how challenging that can be, it can take more than a day or two just to have yours valued and an expected rent suggested.

These days, football isn’t just a case of moving up and down the country. Lyle Taylor chose Charlton over Sunderland purely for logistical reasons and, for any Imps to believe that isn’t a factor in a transfer, is beyond naïve.

Set for a better year in a different system – Tom Pett (Courtesy of Graham Burrell)

When it comes to the rest of the squad, Danny will be holding fire until the striker situation is resolved. In January he signed Tom Pett and Lee Frecklington, two players who like the ball in to their feet and to be looking forward. I believe, firmly, that he did that thinking he’d bagged a certain striker. Now, I know one striker turned us down and joined a League Two rival for no reason other than he needed to look after the kids after training and he lived two hours from Lincoln. That striker could have the ball played into feet, or into his head. That striker would have got more from Pett and Frecklington, but it didn’t happen.

Danny won’t make that mistake again, this time he will want to know he can get a striker in. I don’t believe John Akinde will be the only target either, nor do I think we’ll get to August and have no more new faces. To suggest so is to suggest we don’t have a clue in the transfer market; look at our squad when Danny took over and look at it now. I don’t think there’s a major issue, not really. The lack of a big name striker is even a point I’d argue against, last season we attracted Matt Green who, at the time, was thought of as a massive signing. this summer we’ve got 22-goal Bruno Andrade in, a player coveted by League One teams. no, Danny is no fool.

Image result for daryl clare
I remember Daryll. I remember.

The lack of news around John Akinde shouldn’t be a cause for huge concern right now. Fifteen years ago you wouldn’t have had a clue who we were in for and who we weren’t, so if I were to say ‘Daryll Clare’, few of you would realise how close that came. If social media had been around back them you’d be as wise to his identity as you are Akinola, Tom Hopper, Lyle Taylor and anyone else we’ve allegedly ‘missed out’ on this summer. Being informed is a double-edged sword and the incessant ‘what’s happening’ tweets and messages are a by-product of the brave new age.

In all honesty, I could probably text or phone someone and ask what is happening, but you know what? I won’t. If a deal is going down them the last thing anyone needs is me asking what the crack is and if it isn’t happening, they’ll be wanting to get moving on other deals. I’m happy, at the moment, to let things tick over. I’m not worried, not seriously. To just have turned his head towards us is a positive and, if he is the right player, a visit to the ground and an hour with Danny will convince him the move is right.

I still believe that a deal for John Akinde is possible. I don’t think it is straight forward, I never did. I was very surprised when the news broke officially, I was even more surprised when a timescale of this week was put on it. I believe even if we do sign him, we’ll wait until Danny is back to do a proper presser and announce it with the same gusto as we did Frecklington, Bozzie’s new deal and the other major bits of news from last season.

Stay calm, honestly. If it happens, great. If it doesn’t, don’t miss out on the sunshine in your garden or enjoying the World Cup. Life is good right now, we’re putting in club record bids, talking to excellent footballers and have won trophies in consecutive seasons. There’s more to worry about than a couple of days in the summer when there’s no real news to talk about.

It could be worse, we could be Cheltenham fending off bids from Peterborough for our star striker with little chance of attracting an equally as good replacement.

Oh and please, for the love of god, stop listening to every sodding account that claims to be an ex agent or such bull shit. If it’s got six tweets, none correct and has been going for a week, it’s probably not kosher. 

In fact, why would any ex agent spend their days tweeting about transfers they have no dealings with at all? If they’re ex agents I’d wager they’ve made enough to sit on a yacht drinking sangria in the warm Spanish sunshine and not have to care on bit about who Lincoln City may or may not be signing.

Here’s a thing, nobody know who the left sided defender we have is and as yet, not one of these ‘in the know’ accounts have had a guess. You know why? Because they don’t know, they get their information from message boards, other twitter accounts and Facebook. Stop buying into it, please. You just make yourself look foolish.


  1. Spot on as always Gary.Personally i dont think anything will be announced officially till next monday or tuesday.I think Michael Hortin stirred this up and he is back tracking abit now with timescales.

  2. tell us what you really think Mr Gary!!!

    Well said.

    Murphy was well known for planting stories and watching the rumours spread

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